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Law Firm Website Design - Websites that work for Law Firms

If you are a Lawyer and you need a website, or your existing website needs to be redesigned the reason is simple - you need more clients.

Your Law Firm Website should be the main lead generator for your Law Firm and should not simply be there as a brochure for your Law Firm. Your website must be the ultimate sales funnel driving your marketing, advertising and publicity efforts to one place, namely the bottom of your sales funnel, to get more quality leads.

Your Law Firm Website should be a Client-Generating Tool!


Six Features that your Law Firm Website Needs

SEO Friendly

We agree that your website must be beautiful and well designed. But the number one reason for you having a website is to generate more leads. This only happens if your Law Firm Website is visible to as many people as possible in a cost-effective way.

When your Law Firm Website is SEO friendly it means that Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can find, read (crawl) and index all the pages on your website effectively.

Once your Law Firm’s web pages are indexed, the Search Engines can serve your potential Clients with the most relevant information which will make you stand out before your target market.


Your website must be designed for on-page optimization and off-page optimisation.

Optimization Strategies can include the following:

  • include creation of a URL structure that is fully optimized for both Users and Search Engines.
  • Optimizing your navigation and internal link structures.
  • Ensuring that webpages have unique titles and descriptions.
  • Fast Loading web pages.

Fore more information on SEO click here

Responsive Law Firm Website

Gone are the days where people searched for Law Firms only on a PC or laptop. When we talk of having a responsive website, it simply means that your Law Firm Website should adapt for use on different devices. It should not matter if Users use an old cell phone, a new smart phone, or the latest Apple Computer, your website must show with the correct screen resolution. Each device will open your content in the best, optimal, user friendly way possible.

As can be seen from Statcounter, more and more people use Mobile and Tablets for searches.


One great benefit of a responsive website is that you can have a 'click-to-call' button that the potential Client can click on and use to phone your Law Firm without having to first dial the actual phone number.

Your Law Firm Website will likely be the first contact that a potential Client will have with your Law Firm. By you having a responsive website you immediately demonstrate to this Client that your Law Firm uses cutting edge technology - especially if the potential Client compares your Law Firm Website with older, dated, unresponsive websites of your competitors.

Call to Action (CTA)

Your Law Firm Website CTA's will be one of the most important features on your website and it is important for your website to have as many Call to Actions (in relevant places) as possible.

We suggest that you have a CTA on every long page - from your services description to your blog articles.


Make sure that it is easy for a prospective Client to contact you. Streamline the process, make phone numbers on your website click-to-call links for mobile Users.

Include a link to a contact page, or to a" Book a Consultation" form. It is also important for your Law Firm Website to have a general inquiry form.

Attorney Profiles

People looking for a Lawyer will search for a specific Lawyer in the field that they need assistance with. Most of your potential Clients will visit the Attorney Profile page before they even make the phone call to your Law Firm.

It is therefore important to have short biographies of all your Lawyers on your Law Firm’ Website.

This become even more important when you have a larger Law Firm with many Attorney and different practice areas.

It is always good to have a high-quality professional headshot of the Attorney with their practice area, experience and professional qualifications.

Also add something personal about the Attorney as it makes them look more human and it becomes easier for the prospective Client to relate to that person – especially in practice areas such as Divorce and Family Law.


Your website must have a blog as you need to constantly work on your website to ensure that it generates more leads and Clients for you. You cannot leave your website for periods of time and hope that it will be successful and bring in work for you on a constant basis.

This is not that difficult and if you really cannot or do not want to create content, you can always outsource this function.

The more relevant (to your practice) and consistent content that you can upload onto your website the better results you will get with your website.


An easy way to generate content is to get each professional in the Law Firm to write one or two article per month and then to upload this content to your blog.

We recommend that you also add your Social Media links onto your webpage and that you share your content on these platforms.

Also add a link from your Attorneys to their Linkedin Profiles - this generates more interest in your Lawyers which relates to more work over-time.

Testimonials and Reviews

Reviews are the 'word-of-mouth' of our time. By adding a testimonials or reviews section to your website you can build trust and credibility to your website, making it easier for consumers to trust you.

If they trust you more, there is a much higher likelihood that they will make use of your services.

You can even link to reviews on other websites such as Google or Yelp.

Website Design and look

Finally, we get to the actual website look. Your Law Firm Website must be well designed to attract potential Clients and to establish your Law Firm as an expert in your chosen field of law.

When you are ready to build your website, do not just leave it up to your Website Builder. You know what is important to you. Discuss your likes and dislikes and form part of the design process.

When we build a Law Firm Website, we will submit a mock-up of the website design for your evaluation. This will enable you to see if you like the look and feel of the website.


The essential elements for your Law Firm Website Design includes:

  • intuitive navigation - make sure that it is easy for your potential Clients to find the information that they are looking for.
  • effective, trustworthy content - create or use high quality content that establish you or your Law Firm as an expert in your chosen field(s). Do not use blurry pictures or pictures or videos that does not relate to what you do.
  • have a clean design with enough white space - do not cram too much information on your pages as this looks unprofessional. If you use the white space efficiently, you will draw attention to important parts of your content.
  • Call-to-Action - have relevant and consistent Call-of-Actions on your website. Make sure that you can capture leads on a Lead Capture form.
  • build trust - use whatever you can to build trust on your Law Firm Website. List your achievements, publications and affiliations. Integrate and use your Client Reviews.

We provide specialist Digital Marketing Services for Law Firms. As part of our services we create custom build, beautiful, functional Law Firm Websites that is developed to generate more leads for Law Firms.

Whether you are a small, medium or large Law Firm with multiple locations and many Attorneys, we can create a great, functional Law Firm Website for you.

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