How Much Does A Solicitor in the US Earn?

How Much Does A Solicitor in the US Earn?


The legal profession is often associated with the terms like “Lawyers”, “Attorney”, “Barrister”, and “Solicitor.” These terms are used and explained in many of the professional websites displayed on the internet for the benefit of both the law firm and the prospective clients.

Solicitors historically existed in the United States. Similar to pre-1850s England and elsewhere in the world, the term Solicitor in the US referred to a Lawyer who defended and argued his client's case in a court of equity. A Lawyer, on the other hand, appears in a court of law. 

Courts of Equity are courts that deal with the principles of equity instead of the law. By the end of the 19th century, the equity courts were absorbed by the courts of law. This rendered functions of Solicitors obsolete and we all started using the term “Lawyers.”

Common Definition

The term “Solicitor” is commonly used in England referring to Attorneys who handle office work instead of appearing in court to litigate cases.

A Solicitor is often the first legal professional you would call when you or your business needs legal advice or legal services such as protecting intellectual property rights, drafting contracts, or when you need assistance for business purchases and sales.

Some Solicitors also deal with legal disputes but most of the time they deal with preparing documents for litigation (preparing evidence and claims, conducting negotiations for settlement). They seldom spend time in court.

There are slight differences between a Lawyer and a Solicitor in many jurisdictions. The term “Lawyer” can be used more loosely by legal practitioners and the best SEO Marketing law Firm USA uses the term “Lawyer” instead of “Solicitor.”

The term “Solicitor” is not commonly used in the United States because most legal practitioners often use the term “Lawyers.” By definition, a Solicitor is a legal professional who provides legal advice in multiple areas of law.

In the United States, the term “Solicitor” typically refers to a chief law enforcement officer. It is not generally used to refer to Attorneys.

In the United States, the legal profession does not have any division. All legal professionals are referred to as “Lawyers.” They need to be licensed (pass the state bar exam) in order to practice law in a specific jurisdiction. There is also no such thing as a “Solicitor license” or a “Barrister license.” We simply refer to these legal professionals also as Lawyers.

Solicitors in the United States

In the United States, the term “Solicitor” refers to Lawyers who represent or work with the government. In short, a Solicitor refers to a city, town or county Attorney. The term “Solicitor” is still used by city, towns, and county Lawyers in Georgia, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Rhode Island.

We’re told that in Massachusetts, the professional organization of Lawyers in government was formerly known as the City Solicitors and Town Counsel Association. In South Carolina, a circuit Solicitor is equivalent to a District Attorney of the prosecutor. A Solicitor, on the other hand, is a government Attorney.

There are departmental Solicitors in the Department of Labor, Patent and Trademark Office, and the Department of Interior, all on the Federal level. Then there is the Solicitor General who is tasked to represent the Federal government of the United States before the US Supreme Court.

All litigation about the government is handled by the Office of the Solicitor General. The Supreme Court has earmarked two-thirds of the cases they hear each year to those involving the United States Government.


In the British legal system, the trial Attorney or litigator referred to as a “Barrister” needs special training in trial work. In Canada and the United States, Attorneys are also interchangeably referred to as Barristers or Solicitors.

“Lawyer” is a general term used to describe an individual who is educated and trained in law. He is also a legal practitioner.

“Solicitor” is a term used to describe Lawyers who deal with transactional matters such as wills, conveyances, legal advisory work, among many others. They may ask Barristers to appear in court for their client. This definition is used in England and Singapore but nor in the United States.

Anyone with an academic background can train to become a Solicitor.  Law Firms SEO in USA highlights his excellent academic record of achievements.

Solicitor General in the US

The Solicitor General of the United States is under the United States Department of Justice. He is its fourth-highest-ranking official. The US Solicitor General represents the United States Federal Government before the US Supreme Court.

The US Solicitor General determines the legal stand of the United States in legal issues before the Supreme Court.  Here are the functions of the US Solicitor General

• Supervises and conducts cases on behalf of the US government.

• Argues any case for the US government in the Supreme Court

• Files amicus curiae briefs in cases of significant interest to the federal government.

• Argues cases the federal government has filed an amicus brief

The Office of the Solicitor General reviews decisions against the US government in the Federal Courts of Appeal to determine if such cases will be escalated for review of the Supreme Court. The Solicitor General also reviews cases decided against the United States at the federal district courts where the government files an appeal.

If the Solicitor General of the United States handles cases of the federal government in the US Supreme Court, a state 's Solicitor General handles cases of the in behalf of the State, its officials, executives, and legislature. In some cases, a State Solicitor General also pens the legal position of the state in important out-of-state cases before the United States Supreme Court.

How much does a Solicitor make in the United States?

On average, a Solicitor in the United States, as of February 2020, earns 82,842. Depending on his level of education, skills, certifications, and number of years of practice, income range could fall between $71,955 and $95,155.

Federal Attorneys or Solicitors who work for the U.S. Department of Justice are often experienced Lawyers or new graduates of law schools. They work to represent government divisions and departments in criminal and civil cases dealing with taxes, smuggling and terrorism. 

Each state has a U.S Attorney or Solicitor and their salaries depend on their location, assignment, and experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that Attorneys or Solicitors who work with the federal government have a mean salary of $62.23 per hour or $129,440 per year (as of 2011).  Federal Attorneys or Solicitors are the highest paid jobs of all federal legal jobs. Other federal legal jobs only average $49.49 per hour or $102,940 yearly.

Everyone working with the U.S. Attorney’s office has the same pay scale. All the rest of the Attorneys or Solicitors just like most of the federal employees fall under the pay scale of the General Services Department as administered by the Office of the Personnel Management.

As compared to Lawyers who are into private practice, Solicitors earn much less. Here is the average income of Lawyers in states where Lawyers earn the highest:

• New Jersey- $139,020

• Virginia- $139,180

• Arizona- $145,750

• Colorado- $147,560

• Texas- $150,250

• Illinois- $152,980

• Connecticut - $153,640

• Massachusetts- $165,610

• New York - $167,110

• California - $171,550

Whether Attorney, Lawyer or Solicitor, they all work to advise and represent individuals in matters pertaining to legal problems and issues.

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