Law Practice and Customer Service

Law Practice and Customer Service


Lawyers are one of the major pillars of every society. The foundation of a clear ground for law implementation is being established by Lawyers who are the primary enforcers.

The task of a Lawyer is definitely challenging, in that it requires great commitment in taking on every responsibility.

Are you a new Lawyer or an aspiring Lawyer? You can be pressured by the degree of oath and challenge which can give you doubt in pursuing your desires.

The process may seem difficult but if we fully understand the details and manifestations, things will become easier. In this article, let us dig deeper into the implementation, process, and its relations.

Law implementation and foundation for legal processes are related to what we call the Law Practice. The importance of this practice is affirmed by Law Firms everywhere, in written documents and also on the Internet.

A proper law practice depends on the Lawyers and the involvement of the Clients.

In this article, we will understand the concept and pillars of law practices concerning the importance of proper customer service in the field of law.

What is Law Practice?

The practice of law is not a linear procedure for it involves a two-way relationship which is between the Lawyer and the Client.

It links to the manifestation where Lawyers spend time with their existing Clients and/or even their potential Clients. This relates to the importance of building a healthy relationship between the Lawyer and the Client.

The process in the practice of law requires every Lawyer to listen to the Client with the enforcement of integrity and credibility.

Lawyers must also clarify every detail that is being provided by the Client. As to make sure that every detail is rationally being considered without any bias of emotional judgment.

This is also another challenge in pursuing law practice for there are Clients who become more emotional in dealing with their case which is a normal response especially for those with deep trauma or fear.

However, if you are a Lawyer you must always keep your work guidelines with you.

Lawyers need to ask questions of the Clients to be able to help to identify the legal issues. As the Lawyer receives the answers, it can help in making initial assessments of the case.

The Fields of Law Practice

In law practice, there are fields of law where each Lawyer can specialize depending on preference or expertise. There are 15 primary fields of law that are evidently manifesting in each society.

1.   Bankruptcy Law

In the US Bankruptcy law, it applies the insolvency issues and disputes of the individuals and even to larger organizations.

2.   Admiralty or Maritime Law

The Admiralty Law serves as the regulator of property disputes and economic transactions. This may involve the navigation, sailors, marine trade, or the land-based activity that can still be considered maritime in its nature.

3.   Corporate or Business Law

The Corporate law involves the legal aspects of the corporation which may include formation, dissolution, and other legal matters.

Corporations and businesses must have a clear understanding of corporate laws in fulfilling transactions.

4.   Entertainment Law

The Entertainment Law connects to the Intellectual Property Law but the Entertainment Law is more focused on the royalties’ concerns and rights in the media in music, arts, television, athletics, and cinema.

5.   Family Law

Family law emphasizes its priority on the legal relations between each individual in the important context of the family and relational concerns.

6.   Civil Rights Law

In the Civil Rights Law, it aims to have a balance between the government institutions and groups of individuals or individuals.

7.   Environmental Law

Environmental law serves on the concerns and issues of regulations, treaties, statutes, and conventions which are fundamentally based on the federal, state, and transnational law.

8.   Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property law emphasizes the protection of rights for the authors, inventors, and businesses for their unique creations, inventions, symbols, and tangible work.

Businesses with unique creations must register for their advantages like who acknowledges their uniqueness, and have their intellectual property in the works.

9.   Health Law

Health law gives focus on the legislation that can be related to health care and health services.

10. Criminal Law

The criminal law focuses on the people and their behavior where unjust acts are being sanctioned under the state’s criminal code as it can be defined as illegal.

11. Immigration Law

The Immigration Lawyers serve the individual Clients that are at any stage of the naturalization process.

12. Labour or Employment Law

Labour law is focused on the relation between the employers and workers which regards to issues on wage, compensation, discrimination, harassment, and other work-related disputes.

13. International Law

International law is a broad field where it can be categorized into two fundamental parts. First is the private sector and second is the public sector. This international law field is focused on the different national laws.

14. Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law settles the problems on intentional or unintentional wrongdoings that have caused harm or injury to an individual either psychologically or physically.

15. Real Estate Law

Real Estate law focuses on the construction and land ownership, development, landlord disputes, tenant rights, litigation or any real estate concerns. Lawyers in this field may also cater transaction and commercial document fulfilment.

16. Military Law

Military law focuses on the procedures and codes that govern all legal matters in the nation’s armed forces.

17. Tax Law

Tax law is considered to be a dynamic field that works on with the international and transactions which focuses on the tax collection.

The Need for Good Customer Service

Lawyers are also expected to practice law concerning human rights and the oath of Lawyers.

In the service of Lawyers, it involves a lot of social relation especially in connecting to the Clients. This relates to the need for proper customer service.

There are Lawyers and law firms that also extend their offered services and products just like the Attorney SEO Services USA and Lawyer SEO Agency USA.

As a business starts and expands, there is evidently a need to have good relations with the Clients and customers which gives a mark to good customer service.

The top businesses and corporations have exceptional customer services such as their professional websites which inform and educate any prospective Client who spends more than a couple of minutes browsing.

This also goes the same in the career of Lawyers and the established business of law firms. For customers and Lawyers are the ones that keep up the business running for law firms and private Lawyers.

5 Marks of a Good Law Customer Service

Good customer service in the field of law or legal is one of the most important aspects in dealing with the success of a Lawyer and a law firm with a great website.

The recent Avvo study reveals the mark of good customer service for a Lawyer that customers prefer. Here are the five foundations of a good law customer service:

  1. Proactive Responsiveness to Emails and Phone Calls

  2. Friendly and Polite Staff

  3. Clear and Appropriate Communication

  4. Same Way of Treatment for Every Client

  5. Service Beyond Expectations

The means to good customer service is different for each individual. However, when a Lawyer has a firm understanding of the importance of customer service there will be a priority to cater to customers properly.

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