LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers


LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site readily available and widely used by the professional SEO experts who are hired by the Marketers to create a high Internet presence for law firms. LinkedIn focuses on professionals’ profiles. A Legal Technology Survey conducted by the American Bar Association in 2016 showed that close to 85% of law firms maintain profiles on LinkedIn.

Many potential clients rely on LinkedIn when they need to research on lawyers and law firms. Lawyers and law firms with presence on LinkedIn make sure to come up with the most favorable professional profile.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media site designed for professionals. It allows you to build your professional profile and network with fellow professionals. Fresh graduates or those seeking to find a new job, as well as professionals who are in business use LinkedIn. Recruiters and employers also use LinkedIn to find prospective job candidates.

Benefits of LinkedIn to Lawyers

The Online Marketing efforts of Attorneys always includes building a website, managing social media accounts, blogging, listings on Online Lawyers’ Directories, and a LinkedIn profile.  

LinkedIn is the most popular site for lawyers because unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is a professional social media network. Lawyers and law firms understand that they need to maintain presence on social media sites. Many of them are at ease engaging in LinkedIn.

For lawyers and law firms, LinkedIn is a great marketing and online networking tool. It provides an online platform for lawyers and law firms to showcase their areas of law specialties and experience. Many lawyers and law firms also use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients and to get referrals from clients, lawyers, and even other professionals.

LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

While 85% of lawyers are into LinkedIn, it still remains an untapped opportunity. To get the most out of LinkedIn, it is not enough to simply create a professional profile. Lawyers and law firms need to build their “brand” and develop deep relationships with others.

Every Lawyer with a website will suggest and sue these LinkedIn Tips for other Lawyers:

•    Craft a Powerful Profile

 A powerful LinkedIn profile creates the most impact when you want your law firm to have an Internet presence.  LinkedIn ranks each profile on their site based on how you build your profile making it easy for to optimize your online presence.

A powerful profile also pops up first when prospective clients are searching for lawyers to help with their legal problems.

•    Have a professional photo with a nice background. It can receive up to 5% of your rating with LinkedIn’s algorithm. It also increases by 7% the changes of users clicking on your profile.

•    Your name and title will get up to 25% with LinkedIn’s algorithm so it is essential that you use specific rather than generic keywords or descriptions. Think about the possible keywords prospective clients will type on the search engine search box when searching for a lawyer with your area of specialization and include those words and phrases in your title.

•    Create a compelling headline and impressive call-to-action statements. These will serve as an advertisement for your law firm.

•    Include your professional summary and it will generate 10% in LinkedIn’s algorithm. This will inform prospective clients of what you can do to help them with their legal issues. Your previous employment can also get 30% of the total score of your profile.

•    Recommendations (reviews and feedback) from other LinkedIn users can receive up to 15% as is with your educational background

Make sure to incorporate all these sections on your profile.

•    Be Up-to-date

Make sure your information in LinkedIn is current. All your posts and what you share are relevant and up-to-date. Outdated content will make prospective clients less likely to consider you because this means you do not bother to update your LinkedIn profile.

•    Networking is a Must

Always make it a point to connect with other professionals on LinkedIn. Connect with former law school classmates, other lawyers, lawyers you meet in conferences and other events, former work colleagues, prospective clients, etc… Be wary of accepting LinkedIn invites though from suspicious profiles.

•    Share Meaningful Content

Make sure to post and share relevant content.  LinkedIn is a great platform to show off your legal expertise and advertise your law firm.

Post and share articles relating to your area of law specialization you have written. Keep your articles clear and concise focusing on establishing yourself as an expert on your area of law specialization?

Well-written, original content, allows Law Firms to use all their SEO strategies with your website and LinkedIn profile.

Invest too on a good website design, maybe hire a specialist in Search Engine Optimization and websites to make sure that your law firm comes out on the top of search engine results pages.

•    Incorporate Videos and Pictures

Pictures and videos, you share make your LinkedIn profile more interesting and are most likely to get many views, likes, and shares. Pictures and videos should be of high-quality and easily viewed by everyone.

•    Avoid Over-posting

Be mindful of the times you post, comment, and share content on LinkedIn. If you do these frequently, many of your connections will unfollow you. LinkedIn is not the social media platform to frequently post on. Posting and sharing two items per week is good enough.

If you want to post and share often, use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They are social media platforms that are more suitable for rapid, constant, and frequent posting and sharing of content and information.

•    Be Careful when Commenting

Joining discussions can help you build a good online reputation. Be careful though, of the information you post when commenting. Be careful not to reveal (accidentally or otherwise) privileged information that may clash with the opinions of your clients or law firm.

•    Join Several Lawyers’ Group

Social networking connects groups of people. You should therefore use LinkedIn to connect with other lawyers. Doing so will allow you to generate leads and referrals, and even pick up some of the latest news in the industry.

•    Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

Share physical proof like news clippings or plaques that you receive. Press releases about your firm and a recently won case is also a big plus. These actions can make you more approachable and personable.

•    Ask for Recommendations

Ask people you know for reviews and feedback. This will prove to your profile visitors that you deserve all accolades given to you. You can return the favor by making recommendations, feedbacks, and reviews to those you know, too.

•    Take Care of your Connections

Take extra precautions in handling your connections. Always exude a positive image on your LinkedIn profile. Be careful of the language you use when posting on your account.

•    Be Care with your Contacts

LinkedIn, just like other social media platforms will ask if you like to sync your email address book with your LinkedIn account for faster search of connections. If you opt for this option, make sure that you do not include your client list.

•    Use Excellent Judgment

Be careful before you click. Make sure every post or comment you make is safe and will not work against you in any way. Always make sure to be positive. Comply with the platform’s guidelines and local legal ethics, and always practice cyber security. Additionally, make sure to check your grammar and spelling.

When you are working to have a major presence on the Internet, your Lawyer will always advise that you maintain a top-quality LinkedIn profile. Follow the tips listed above and your law firm will benefit from all efforts to keep you at the top spot of search engine results pages.

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