Six Ways to Build Positive Experiences for Your Law Firm’s Clients

Six Ways to Build Positive Experiences for Your Law Firm’s Clients


When your website is optimized by professionals to give the most comprehensive client information, potential clients give top priority to the positive experiences gained from your law firm. A happy client is a result of their positive experience with your law firm. 

Creating happy clients is more important for law firms than in other businesses. Happy clients make loyal clients and are an ideal source of referrals to get new clients. 

While the legal services you provide to clients are important to build your law business, the positive experiences of your clients with your law firm are indispensable to sustain your success.

What is a Positive Client Experience? 

Client experiences refer to all the interactions clients have with your law firm. Client experience starts from the time your prospective client landed in front of your website. If your client has a good experience on your website; if they feel informed and reassured by your website which is professionally presented by experts so that they will find all the information they need, then the prospective client who was simply browsing, might go all the way to becoming an actual paying client who stays the course -  all the way to his last consultation. 

Client experience is the process your client goes through to achieve his objective in hiring your law firm. To create a positive client experience you need to determine how you want clients to interact with your law firm. The best positive client experiences are intuitive and proactive. 

Positive experiences for your law firm should be client-centered.  The experience of a client who is a defendant or the plaintiff is different. While the plaintiff will set his goals of seeking damages or justice, the defendant may want to avoid jail term, reduce damage, or settle his case as quickly as possible.

Ways to build Positive Experiences

It is the goal of every law firm for their clients to have positive experiences because that’s what builds happy clients. 

1. Set up your office for a positive experience

It can be intimidating to work with a lawyer. More often a client’s trip to a law firm’s office means the lawyers are finding solutions to the client’s legal problems. An office with a welcoming atmosphere will at the onset create a positive experience for your clients. While they wait for the Law to whom they’ve been assigned, your client should be made to feel at ease with a comfortable and soothing reception area. Perhaps your reception area may have some appropriate magazines, served by a capable and efficient but friendly Receptionist. 

2. Create a welcoming atmosphere

Aside from the welcoming physical set-up of your law firm office, you should act confidently and have a caring attitude. You should come across as giving your client peace of mind that you are there to help them find a solution to their legal problem.  A positive experience for a client starts when they feel they are in good hands. 

Make your client feel you always have their best interest in mind and you will be providing the best legal remedies for their problems. Provide your client with all your contact numbers (email address and phone numbers). 

3. Make Technology work for your law firm

Most client experiences with your law firm start online. Most clients research online before deciding to hire a particular law firm. Having experts work on your website will optimize it website to get a top spot in Google search results pages. 

When a client visits your website, their first impression of your law firm depends on what they see; profile of your law firm, legal services you offer, your social media profiles, and clients’ reviews. 

Get someone to help you build a website that can establish trust and reliability. Your website should represent your law firm as being responsive, and fast. Your website should be secure and designed for clients to have positive experiences. 

Clients often want to work with lawyers they can relate to, so your website should include a page with your law firm’s mission and vision statements. The values of your law firm will help create the first positive impression clients will have of your law firm. 

A well-designed website will help your law firm build trust and authority allowing prospective clients to have a positive experience before they meet you.  

4. Good communication should be a priority

Communication can create positive and negative client experiences. Good communication with clients ensures you can manage their needs, expectations, and satisfaction. Ask your clients how often they wish to be contacted for updates and how they would like to be contacted.

It is also important to discuss with your client their legal problem making sure that they understand all details, what you will be doing for them, and what you expect them to do in return. More importantly, discuss with your client all major details of your agreement (including fees).

Poor communication is one of the major causes of negative experiences clients will have with your law firm. It’s also one main reason that  clients leave your law firm and move on. 

5. Capture Reviews

Prospective clients always make it a point to read online reviews about your law firm before making the decision to hire your legal services. Positive experiences, feedback and recommendations made by satisfied clients are the most credible form of advertising for your law firm. 

You always want clients to have positive experiences while working with your law firm. Reviews and feedback can help your law firm improve on client experiences by knowing about obstacles and pain points to ensure positive experiences. 

Encourage your clients to post feedback and reviews online on Google, Avvo, or Yelp. You can use the positive experiences of your clients on your website and other advertising materials. 

Conversely, they can also create a negative image for your law firm even before prospective clients meet you. 

When clients know you give high regard to feedback and reviews, they tend to be assured that you will be working on them having positive experiences with your law firm. 

You can optimize the feedback and reviews of your law firm so prospective clients get to immediately see them online. 

6. Have a support and service team

It is impossible for a lawyer to be a one-man-band. It is therefore extremely important to have a support and service team. 

While you are busy working on the legal aspect of your client’s problem, your support and service team (receptionist, secretaries, administrative staff, customer service staff) can address the other needs of your client to further ensure positive experiences.

A Client Experience Journey with your Law Firm 

This is the process a client goes through when working with a law firm. It is important to ensure that clients get positive experiences at every stage of their journey with your law firm:

1. Your prospective client has a legal problem and they research online about the problem and possible remedies.

A positive client experience starts when your prospective client stumbles upon an article online that shows an overview of their legal problem and the legal services of your law firm that can possibly help them solve their legal problem.  

Have blogs created on your website, and have them optimized with the link to your website to give prospective clients online access to your law firm. 

2. A prospective client decides they need a lawyer and starts searching for one in their area. 

A client will type keywords in a search engine’s search box relating to his legal problem. He discovers your website because professionals worked on making it have a top spot in search engine results pages. 

To ensure a positive experience for your prospective client your website should relay what you want to convey and how you want prospective clients to feel. Your website should be easy to navigate. It should also be responsive. 

3. Client contacts or meets with you

To ensure a positive experience, your website should have an easy to find contact information (email address and phone number). It is also extremely helpful to have an online client form. 

4. Client goes to your law firm office

The prospective client is now a full-pledged client. Start giving them personalized service and the best legal remedies to your mind to ensure a fast resolution to their legal problem. Make sure to be proactive with your client to create loyalty to your law firm. 

The client experience journey will be the same for all your clients. There will be slight differences depending on their legal problems. Building positive experiences for your law firm is one of the major factors that will ensure the success of your business. 

Every positive client experience, will work to make your law firm highly visible on the Internet. 

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