Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers


The U.S. Immigration is very complicated; you will often need to hire the services of a law firm that specialises in this field of law, to help you with the process.  Many people say that in terms of complexity, U.S. Immigration is second to the U.S. Tax Law!

Every immigrant to the U.S. should always bear in mind that even the most minor mistakes made in a green card or visa application can cause delays or disapprovals.  Additionally, mistakes in the submission of any document required during the immigration application process can mean tears through delays or even outright deportations or denials.

You can find good Immigration lawyers on the Internet with law firms who have good websites that have been created by professionals. 

Many people who have gone through the U.S. Immigration process will tell you that the procedure is often one that you should not go through on your own. It is preferable to have a specialist Immigration Lawyer to guide and help you through the action so as to expedite the process and get this done for you with as little stress as possible.

When do you need an Immigration Lawyer?

Some persons go through the U.S. Immigration process alone. Many persons however, opt to hire the services of an Immigration lawyer to ensure that the process is done right the first time. 

Not all U.S. Immigration applications are as simple as filling a form and submitting the required documents. There are some persons whose Immigration applications are somewhat complicated in which case it is necessary to seek the assistance of an Immigration Lawyer. 

• You are ineligible 

The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) has outlined reasons to reject the Application of any U.S Immigrant. If you fall under any of these reasons not to be admitted to the USA such as if you have previously lied to the U.S. Government, or committed a crime, an Immigration Lawyer can help with your application. 

• Your Immigration Application has been Previously Denied

Analyzing your immigration application, an Immigration Lawyer can immediately determine the reasons you have been denied. He can also determine if you can be eligible to re-submit your application in the future. 

• You Have been waiting for a long time for the approval of your application

An Immigration Lawyer can help expedite your Immigration application especially if you have been waiting a long time. They are familiar with the entire application process especially deadlines and possible waiting times. 

• Your case requires an Immigration Court Proceeding

If your Immigration application is under Immigration Court, especially when on deportation proceedings, it is extremely important to hire an Immigration Lawyer. Your Immigration application will get nowhere if you go through the typical application procedure. 

• If you are working on adjusting your permanent resident status but have just been divorced, or your U.S. citizen spouse died 

In this situation, you may have to prove that your marriage was not a scam. Many foreigners marry U.S. citizens to expedite (not out of love) their immigration application and divorce them after a period of time. 

You will need an Immigration Lawyer to argue that your first marriage was legitimate. You will also be in the same scenario when your U.S citizen spouse died before you have become a U.S. citizen, based on marriage. 

• If you have been denied entry to the U.S. or have been deported

Typically, deportation or denial of entry means you are barred from any future U.S. Immigration application. An Immigration Lawyer can give you advice on how deportation and denial of entry can affect your Immigration application. 

• You are working on an employment-based visa but your present employer is not helping with your Immigration application process

An employment-based visa application can be a complicated process. An Immigration Lawyer can help convince your employer to cooperate with your visa application.

If you, on the other hand, have or are looking at hiring foreign-born employees, an Immigration Lawyer can help you go through the Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) labor certification process (ETA Form 9089) so your employee/s can be issued a green card and work permanently with you. 

• If you have started with the Immigration Application process but are at a loss on how to proceed

There will be instances where USCIS will ask you to submit additional documents to support your Immigration application. This can cause delays in your application. Working with an 

Immigration Lawyer will ensure you have all the required documents before you begin the application process to avoid any delays. 

• If you have any medical condition

If you have a medical condition, especially a communicable disease, you can be denied entry to the U.S. An immigration Lawyer can probably help ensure you can enter the U.S. even with a medical condition.

• You have been convicted of a crime

Your Immigration application can be jeopardized if you have been convicted of a crime. Almost all USCIS forms will ask if you have. You should disclose your criminal record even if the charges have been expunged or dismissed. Immigration lawyers understand the overlapping roles of a criminal and immigration laws in this situation. 

Not all crimes are reasons to for the disapproval of your Immigration application. If you however are not careful in declaring these crimes in your immigration forms, you can be deported. 

• You are encountering delays in your Immigration application

The bureaucracy rather than the law is often the cause of the delay in the approval of your Immigration application. This often happens if you moved to another state after filing your green card application. The typical process in this case is for your application to be transferred to the state where you moved. 

Many times, though, your application disappears for reasons one cannot explain. An Immigration Lawyer usually knows who to get in touch with inside the USCIS to inquire about your case. 

There are many more unique circumstances that can cause delays in your Immigration Application. Good Law Firms who specialize on Immigration Law are highly visible on the Internet so you can easily find one. 

What does an Immigration Lawyer do?

Immigration Lawyers spend less time in court than lawyers specializing in other areas of law. Their main job is to mediate or act as an advisor to foreign nationals who need to deal with U.S. Immigration authorities (USCIS). 

Read through feedback and reviews about Immigration Lawyers before you pick the right lawyer to hire. Many Immigration Lawyers hire the best SEO Marketing Law Firm USA to ensure their credibility and reliability. 

An Immigration Lawyer can provide guidance and advice on such matters pertaining to:

• The preparation of Immigration application documents 

• Visa application ( Student or Working)

• Naturalization and Citizenship

• Citizen Tests

• Green Cards

• Immediate approval of citizenship in emergency situations

• Employment for non-U.S. Citizens(working visas) 

• Help you start a business in the U.S. 

• Work on Deportation Issues

• Help immigrants incarcerated by the ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement)

• Representation on Immigration Courts 

Hiring an Immigration Lawyer helps you go through the U.S. Immigration processes a great deal faster than those without the assistant of a lawyer - this is the same whether you are in a typical or complicated situation. Most reputable law firms that specialize on Immigration Law are extremely visible on the Internet, so you do not need to struggle finding an Immigration Lawyer - they’re easy to find and one phone call away. 

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