The importance of Good Quality Office Chairs for Lawyers

The importance of Good Quality Office Chairs for Lawyers


Always make sure your law firm is highly visible on the internet so you can comfortably sit on your good quality office chair while working on behalf of your clients. 

A good quality chair could be deemed as the lawyer’s throne or seat of state, that supports them in their long hours of work. The American Bar Association recommends that lawyers need to invest in good quality chairs to promote well designed comfortable seating positions that are safe for the spine for long periods of time.

Good Quality Office Chairs for Lawyers

Your law firm has invested well and wisely in marketing itself and as a result you have a huge number of clients waiting for you to solve their legal problems.

It is possible a great lawyer spends more of his time sitting in his office chair than resting in his bed. He works at his computer, he reads, and most of his time while at the office, he writes. It is therefore important to invest in good quality office chairs for lawyers for good posture and overall comfort. 

It is the impression of many lawyers that as long as they have an office desk that is of the correct height and have their hands in an optimal position while typing, they can get away with a poorly designed office chair. 

Truth of the matter is you can develop health problems because of poor sitting for long hours and working in front of a computer.  These sitting problems can range from neck and lumbar posture issues, back pains, stress, cardiovascular health, and eye problems with headaches.  

How then do good quality office chairs for lawyers contribute to good health while working?

  • Back Support

Good office chairs for lawyers provide the right lumbar and pelvic support so as not to stress your back muscles so much. When you sit for long hours on an office chair that does not have the right support, you will experience lower back pain. The longer you sit, the more prone you are to developing herniated discs and other back problems. 

  • Lumbar and Pelvic Support

Slouching and similar sitting positions can cause headaches, backaches, and fatigue leading to poor concentration. A properly aligned spine promotes a healthy posture while sitting.  It will give you overall comfort; enhanced concentration and endurance to work for long hours making sure you come up with the right solutions to your client’s legal issues. 

An office chair that provides good lumbar and pelvic support promotes better posture, less fatigue, and better breathing. 

A good quality office chair can improve your body circulation, good posture, and overall health through its adjustable components that can adapt to your body shape, torso length, legs and seat width. 

Poor Quality Office Chairs for Lawyers

You are sitting on your office chair drafting an important document for your client. You are not only stressed about the many legal details that need to go into the contract, you also have a back pain and a headache disrupting your concentration. 

Sitting for long periods of time on a poor quality office chair can wreak havoc on your physical and mental state.  The poorly made office chair you are in, is the cause of your hip, back, and leg pain, - not to mention circulation problems because by now your feet are numb. 

Healthcare costs are on the rise and sitting for long hours on a poor quality office chair may make you have many unnecessary trips to the chiropractor or doctor. You surely do not want to spend your rest days to go to the chiropractor or doctor for your body aches. 

Invest in a good quality office chair that can provide you with total comfort while you go about working on the needs of your numerous clients.  The excellent job done by your SEO Law Firm USA has caused you to have clients falling in line so you cannot afford to be indisposed. 

A good quality office chair will allow you to complete your work on the right time without any aches and pains giving you time to enjoy your favorite hobbies and have good quality time with your family.  

Choosing the Right Office Chairs for Lawyers

The practice of law has significantly changed over time. Over the past decades, lawyers themselves do most of the office work that were once relegated to legal assistants. The advances in technology have allowed computers and mobile devices to be an integral part of a lawyer’s day-to-day life.

As a result of these technological advances, lawyers spend long hours every day in front of their mobile devices and computers. The professional marketing for your law firm in which you invested earlier, has now paid off and has seen droves of clients seeking your legal advice.

Good quality office chairs for lawyers will help you be more productive and efficient in seeking the right solutions for your clients’ legal problems. What then should you look for in good quality office chairs for lawyers? 

  • Ergonomics

A good quality office chair that conforms to the shape of your body increases your stamina and circulation. You can reduce resultant pain of sitting for long hours, by choosing an ergonomically designed office chair. 

The office chair you choose should be able to handle your weight and height. It should also be adjustable to give the feeling that it was made especially for you. 

Adjustable armrests and good lumbar support should have a high priority rating and are thus to be borne in mind when selecting your office chair. Being comfortable in your office chair will create a good environment, and  that will increase your productivity levels. 

Having back pains while working will strain your spine and affect your posture. Ergonomic office chairs will keep you from experiencing back pains so you can focus more on the task you need to complete for your clients. 

Your law firm invested in professional and effective marketing strategies to optimize your website and bring in a steady flow of clients. Now, sitting on a good quality office chair prepares you for the large quantity of tasks on hand. 

  • Adjustability and Position

It is not just a matter of picking an office desk and throwing it into your office. You should optimize your office desk by determining the right distance you should be sitting from your computer (ideally about 17 inches). This distance will offer the most comfort to your eyes and will reduce tiredness and stress. 

Your office chair on the other hand should have an adjustable height. Optimize your office chair by setting its height at one-fourth of your height. The armrests should be adjustable too so you can choose your level of personal comfort. 

  • Stability

Most lawyers prefer office chairs that swivel and have wheels. You do, too, don’t you?  A swiveling chair with wheels allows you to change your position so you can stretch your legs, relax your back and turn around to speak to someone. It also allows you mobillity, in that  you can slide to a spot in your office where you need to access something such as a printer or paper shredder. 

A good quality and stable office chair should come with a 5-point base to keep you safe while going about with your tasks. 

  • Fabric

The upholstery of your office chair contributes a lot to its comfort. You can opt for faux leather or genuine leather covers. These types of fabrics though can affect its temperature during colder months and breathability during warmer months making you uncomfortable. 

Most modern ergonomic office chairs come in mesh. Mesh fabrics are lightweight, springy, and comfortable. This fabric is also good when you need to sit for long hours because the mesh fabric is breathable so you will not perspire. Mesh-type office chairs look extremely professional. 

You can also opt for the more traditional fabric upholstery for the back and seat. Fabric comes in a variety of colors to suit your personality or the interiors of your office. It is a breathable material, too. 

You and Your Office Chair

Your office chair may just be one piece of furniture in your law firm office. While meticulously choosing a good quality office chair for your comfort, it also conveys a lot about your personality.

  • A good quality and stylish office chair says that you are an open-minded person, design-oriented, and exuding creative ideas. 

  • A good quality and sturdy office chair exudes the aura of being trustworthy, stable, and having the ability to get a good quality job done on time.

  • An ergonomically-designed chair says that you take care of yourself and you lead by example.

The importance of good quality office chairs for lawyers is often not given priority when procuring furniture for your law firm. It should be thought that a good quality office chair exudes trust and authority as well as inspiring confidence to face numerous clients brought about by the successful work of your firm’s marketing application to promote the firm’s client services.  

It is safe to say that good quality office chairs for lawyers not only ensure your physical well-being while at work, they also offer a lot of psychological value. 

As you work with the best marketing tools to attract clients and expand your law firm. You should give as much attention to your furniture and especially the chairs.You spend a good deal of your waking life, sitting on them and you make decisions about your clients’ lives. Therefore you need the best possible degree of comfort from your chair in order that you can give all of your attention to helping your clients.

Clients invest in your services, and it’s the best possible plan you can make to invest in quality chairs to ensure your optimum physical and psychological condition when sitting and solving your clients’ problems.

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