How to Stay Productive If You Are a Depressed Lawyer

How to Stay Productive If You Are a Depressed Lawyer


Practicing Law is considered to be one of the most prominent and respectable professions in the world. However, it is also a stressful and exhausting activity in which lawyers are striving to survive. Unfortunately, some law practitioners cannot withstand the burden associated with the profession and become depressed. This, in turn, will profoundly affect the performance of a lawyer making one unreliable.

Depression is when a person feels excessive sadness, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, loss of interest, and others. Knowing the obligation and tasks of a lawyer, it is not surprising that a lawyer will get depressed. It would be very catastrophic if a lawyer suffers from depression. 

If, by any chance, you are a lawyer who is suffering from depression and struggling to feel yourself again, here are some necessary steps that will surely help you overcome depression.

1.   Talk to Your Significant Others

No man is an island. It feels so good when there is someone with whom you can share how you feel. Do not be afraid to open up to someone because they might be an instrument for your refuge. Always remember that sometimes in order for us to escape, everyone needs a lift. 

Our significant others play a vital role in our lives, especially during the days of our sadness. The primary people who can help you are your family, spouse, friends, and even your psychologist can help you in dealing with your emotional baggage.

• Family

Nobody knows you better than your family. They raised you when you were a kid; surely, they could be able to help you with your depression. Even if the world turns its back on you, your family will not. A family will always love you unconditionally and will never leave you, no matter what.

• Spouse

If you are not in good terms with your family or scared of telling them the truth because you fear they might worry about you, then there is always your Spouse to lean on. Tell your spouse what support you need from them. Discuss everything with them so that your spouse will know what to do. 

• Friends

Another option is to talk with your friends if you do not have a spouse. Some people find it more comfortable opening up with their friends than their family or spouse. You just have to see what is best for you, something that makes you comfortable.

• Psychiatrist

There is no other person in the world who knows how to treat depression better than a psychologist. If talking to your family, spouse, and friends is not helping, then you must go immediately to a psychologist. They know what to do and what to say just to help you recover from depression.

By directly talking to these experts life should start improving. Furthermore, they will take care of you and ensure that you stay productive despite having depression. Of course, your productivity is different when you do not have depression, and talking to your significant other is a step towards finding a cure for your depression.

2.   Limit Transaction

Having depression is not easy, especially if you are a lawyer. You do not want to be stressed when your profession is so demanding. Hence you must limit your transactions. Giving legal advice and preparing for a case in court is already demanding, and it would be more difficult for a lawyer with depression to perform such. Therefore, limiting transactions will keep you in touch with your clients without letting them feel unsatisfied. Do not think of limiting transactions as unproductive; since it is riskier to sacrifice excellent quality service. 

Just think of a scenario where you can no longer handle your clients, and those could be instances of depression due to excessive stress. To prevent this, you limit the transaction to a number that applies to your situation.

3.   Seek Advice from Fellow Lawyers 

In terms of depression, it is advisable to consult a psychologist. But for the responsibilities of a lawyer, you need to ask advice from your fellow lawyers. It is not abnormal to confer with a fellow Lawyer since they have different ideas and could help you stay focused during your depression.

Masters in Law are the ones capable of providing you the fundamental knowledge regarding your responsibility. With this, you can still maintain your productivity and keep your client’s trust. They are called Juris Doctors for no reason. Your fellow lawyers can be your mentor, for a while, just to keep yourself together and perform your duties well until you are fully recovered.

4.   Stay Positive

Cliché as it may sound, but this is another step to make yourself productive. Stay positive, and don't fall into despair. Try to look at things with optimism. When dealing with a case, do not think of something terrible will happen, or you cannot do the task. Instead, think of the most positive ways you can do just to pull it out. Do not let your clients feel unsafe because of your depression. Always act professionally amidst the crippling ill-effect of depression. Show them that you can still render judgment fairly. Your clients will be proud of you that despite having the serious condition, you can still retain the standards.

5.   Reward Yourself With a Treat

After a tiring day of work, you deserve a little treat for yourself. It depends on your choice and preference. What is essential is you allow yourself to de-stress now and then. This will make yourself a room to prepare for your next task. You should not drown yourself to stress because it will increase your anxiety, which will contribute to episodes of depression. Therefore, treating yourself will always be a great idea to relieve yourself from any stress. Afterward, your productivity will maintain, if not improved, because feeling right before the day starts is a good sign.

6.   Do Something Different

Do not settle on things that you usually do. Start venturing along another path; may it be sports, music, art, or even travel. Doing extra-curricular activities such as games will release dopamine that will help your brain to think better. You can imagine the struggles you underwent during law studies, and you do not want to put it to waste. Also, your depression would lessen because your attention is focused on something. For a depressed lawyer, you can always stay productive by not letting yourself devoured by stress. So, by introducing yourself to new hobbies, you will realize there are more things you need to try. In effect, the intensity of depression will decrease, and productivity will gradually improve. 

7.   Don’t Save Important Matters Until Last (As I have done here)

One of the most important matters you must deal with at the very first signs of you having depression; whether or not it’s mild or severe; go immediately to your Employer/Director and be fully honest with them. Alway put the Boss in the picture first - almost as soon as you tell your parents, Spouse, or family. Full disclosure to your Boss shows respect for that person and furthermore; the offer to include them in such serious matters about you, shows that you are also as serious about your job. Remember, this shouldn’t be a second thought on your part. Make an appointment with your Boss and tell them what you intend to discuss and they will guide you accordingly as to how much time you need to talk to them and how much you need to disclose.  

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