What to Wear – A Good Head of Hair

What to Wear – A Good Head of Hair


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What to Wear – A Good Head of Hair

Almost dressed but let’s make sure we quite literally do not have a ‘bad hair day’…

Our hair - or lack of it – and how we wear it, says a great deal about the person beneath and has major impact on any interview situation. It is actually just as important as any other part of our bodies and requires the same detailed attention. 

Hair can make us look healthy or unhealthy, clean or dirty. Hairstyles can age us or make us look younger; they can enhance our looks or detract from them.  Hair colour can catch the eye and look attractive or cause us to look mousy and uninteresting.

Our hair is our crowning glory and should be treated as such. Nowadays men, just as much as women, take pride in their hair – and rightly so. Therefore, many hair guidelines are applicable to both sexes.          

Hair Raising

Women and Men

  • If your hair needs trimming then make an appointment and have it done immediately;

  • If you have your hair coloured, and the roots are growing out, then make an appointment and have them retreated immediately;

  • If your hair is dry and lacklustre, over coloured with a build up of chemicals, then buy the right conditioner and use it properly;

  • If your hair is oily then use corrective shampoo and follow the instructions;

  • If your hair is over lightened and looking straw like, choose an ashen toner that will even out the brash look;

  • If your hair is suffering from the weight and ill effects of a build up of hair spray, mousse, gel, or styling wax, then buy a deep cleansing shampoo that will strip all that residue;

  • If your hair hangs limply, maybe it needs a shampoo and conditioner that adds body and volume;

  • If your hair is bushy and springy with a life of its own, maybe it needs a shampoo and conditioner that makes it easier to control;

  • Shampoos, conditioners, gels, styling waxes, hair sprays and other hair products are all categorised with instructions for oily, normal, dry, fine and many other different types of hair so it should be just a matter of reading the instruction properly and following them well;

  • If your hair doesn’t look as healthy as it should then check that you are not using a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner combination: use instead the separate products and that will make a difference;

  • Remember that hair becomes ‘used’ to the one shampoo and conditioner and develops a certain ‘resistance’ to it: try instead to use a different set of products say once every month, just to jolt the hair back into life again;

  • Have a good look at the colour of your hair: if it isn’t doing anything for you then change to a colour that will;

  • Take a good hard look at your hairstyle and be honest. If it helps you look attractive and young and it enhances your facial features then you’re doing well. However, if it doesn’t do all of these things then change it in favour of one that will.

Absolute Turn Offs

Women and Men

  • Don’t keep touching your hair;

  • Don’t play with your hair, pulling it this way and that;

  • Don’t twirl your hair around your fingers whilst talking to your interviewer – it’s a little flirting move which might not be too well received. If you’re a man you really shouldn’t be sitting twirling your hair under any circumstances;

  • Don’t keep pushing your fringe out of the way – if it annoys you then it isn’t styled right;

  • Don’t wear a hairstyle just because it’s ‘in fashion’. There are some strange hairstyles that are ‘all the rage’ but make the wearer look absolutely ridiculous;

  • Don’t wear a hairstyle that looks unnatural, or one that you’ll probably never wear again: it won’t make the good impression you hoped for;

  • Don’t cover your hair in hairspray – contrary to what the movie of the same name implies – it won’t land you a starring role in a musical, nor will it ensure you get the sexy partner;

  • Don’t wear ribbons, or tiny little bows, hair clips that have little furry creatures, or any other cutesy animals on them, in your hair – it’s all an absolute no;

  • Don’t wear bling or glitter in the hair;

  • Don’t wear a hairpiece that is another colour or shade; in fact, try not to wear a hairpiece;

  • Don’t wear a wig that hasn’t been firmly secured in place;

  • Don’t wear multicoloured hair; if you must have a brightly coloured insert try to keep it to either a pink or blue shade instead of rainbow;

  • Don’t wear your hair in pigtails, plaits, or ringlets – you’re applying for work not playschool;

  • Don’t wear scarves over your hair.

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