What to Wear – Put On a Happy Face

What to Wear – Put On a Happy Face


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What to Wear – Put On a Happy Face

We have included this part of the body because it makes the most impact, is seen first, receives the most attention and, obviously is the most expressive.

Not perceived by some as being dressed (as opposed to the hair) and yet, strangely whether male or female, a huge amount of time is spent ‘dressing’ this part of the body.

The face communicates so very much – a wrinkling of the forehead; a look in the eye; a flutter of lash; an eyelid half closed; a raised eyebrow; a wrinkle of the nose; a flaring of the nostrils; a twitch of the mouth; a pursing of the lips; a baring of the teeth; a biting of the lip; a jut of the jaw; a muscle in the cheek; a flush of colour in the cheek; and many other variations on the above convey so very much that they silently guide us through the interview rather like subtitles for a foreign movie.

Having said that, don’t let’s forget the talkies – the voice. The word patterns; the intonation of the voice; the suddenly higher pitch; the faster speech; the pauses; the ums and ahs preceeding the answer tell us of a difficult question; the lowered voice pitch; the slower speech; the careful choosing of words; the run of seemingly random words signifying extreme nervousness; the laughter; the gasps; the pauses; the sudden intake of breath before answering; the coughing; the nuances; and again so much more. All of these things are also directions through an interview.                        

Bare Faced

Women and Men

  • When we speak of your face we are including your ears and your neck;

  • Clean your face – irrespective of what else you plan on doing with with after that, please begin with a clean face. Everyone has their own cleansing routine whether or not it is soap and water or a complicated and expensive performance;

  • Check your eyes – hopefully you had a good night’s sleep and they are not bloodshot, droopy, puffy, with dark undercircles;

  • Inspect your teeth, gums and tongue and make sure you have cleaned them thorough, flossed and used mouthwash;

  • Check for pimples, blackheads and other blemishes – maybe a face pack or other remdial action is necessary;

  • Look at your nostils – if there is nose hair extending beyond the skin or if the hair is curling out of your nostrils, you really need to get that trimmed before proceeding any further;

  • The above applies to ear hair – you need to remove or trim that also;

  • Look at your eyebrows – there should be two. Whether you’re male or female, if your eyebrows reach out toeach other or meet in the middle across the top of your nose, it’s time you did something about it and get that hair removed;

  • Women need to check their chins and upper lips for any little hairs grouping in those areas and remove them;

  • Men need to shave – preferably without cutting themselves – and remember that what they see as designer stubble, the interviewer might just see as stubble – get rid of it and go clean shaven;

  • It is a belief among some men that their sideburns should be on prominent display down to their jawline. Most men do not believe this and your interviewer might be male with very short sideburns who does not subscribe to that theory;

  • Tone your face. Whatever you use as a toner is your business –  men will apply their aftershave;

  • Apply your moisturiser and sunscreen;

  • Men can now apply their cologne;

  • Women can apply their make-up;

  • Please make sure that you keep your make up simple, basic and understated: you’re there for a job interview and not to join a circus;

  • Make sure the eye make up is around the eyes only;

  • Make sure your lipstick is neatly applied

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