What to Wear : How to Be Hip! – Knees to Waists

What to Wear : How to Be Hip! – Knees to Waists


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What to Wear : How to Be Hip! – Knees to Waists

As we continue with Part 2, we must do so on the premise that you have read Part 1, executed that preparation and are ready to move up…

The section of knees to waist isn’t always that visible during the actual interview. In most situations you’ll be seated and, if there’s a desk between the two parties, then this section won’t be so noticeable. However, it is certainly observed on your way in and out of the Interview and, if you’ve dressed incorrectly it will be more noticeable than if you haven’t. All sections must be correctly attired and you should feel comfortable in that apparel.

Have a good look at that section and get some perspective on how others will see it. As usual, we’ll split up the ladies from the gentlemen and try to manage their respective wardrobes, sex and size appropriately:                                     



  • If your knees are not slim and you plan on wearing a dress or skirt, then wear one that stops below the knee and not above it;

  • If the above is not possible, then wear a dark shade of stocking or pantyhose;

  • Pencil line skirts are great but not if they are too tight, too short or brightly coloured – you’ll just look unbusinesslike, badly rumpled, and won’t be able to cross your legs;

  • Button through’s, slits or wrap arounds are passable but too tight, too short, slit in the front, or not enough wrap around material, and you’re showing way too much flesh;

  • Check for cigarette burns, stains and snags – there shouldn’t be any;

  • A full skirt needs an underskirt, but one that does not rustle or show beneath the skirt;

  • Thin, see through material is a No unless there is a lining or underskirt beneath;

  • Check your buttons and zip and make sure all is firmly in place;

  • Check your waistband for fit and if too tight, then please move the fastener;

  • Please do not wear clothes that are so tight that the pantyline is visible, or low cut waistbands that show the actual panties.


  • Carefully check your trousers, because if they are meant to have a knife edge crease down the centre, it had better be there;

  • Material that goes baggy after one sitting is a No: i.e. standing up from the Reception Area and your trousers showing ‘knees’ where there shouldn’t be any;

  • Make sure there are no cigarette burns on your trousers;

  • Double check the stain situation – oh that just happened today, doesn’t go well at Interviews;

  • Look at the colours please, don’t wear navy trousers, dark brown socks and black shoes: it tells the Interviewer you’re colour blind, don’t like asking, or just don’t care;

  • Check your rear view – no matter how fashion dictates – to have the ass material hanging down to the backs of your knees is an interview No!

  • Still at the butt end, if the back seam of your trousers is straining to open and let you break free it’s a No!

  • Look at the zip on those trousers – if it’s coming loose from its mooring, get it fixed;

  • Check your waistband for fit – you shouldn’t bulge over the top of it – if too tight then have the fastener moved;

  • Wear a belt and match it to your shoes if possible – it gives a smarter look and says good things about you.

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