Dressing For Interview: What to Wear - Best foot Forward

Dressing For Interview: What to Wear - Best foot Forward


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Dressing For Interview: What to Wear - Best foot Forward

Starting from the ground up, each week we will deal with a different section of the body to bring you discussions on the topic of Dressing for Interview. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, we have covered every aspect of how you should look. An Interview is a really important meeting – an event which could change your life. We want to ensure that when you set off for yours, you will look good and feel good – thus improving your chances of getting the job.

Have a good look at your feet. Trim your toenails, use a pumice-stone to remove any callouses and rough patches of skin, deal with the corns and generally do what you can to make your feet feel better. Sitting in an interview with painful feet will put the wrong expression on your face.

It’s never a good idea to wear brand new shoes. They could be too new to be comfortable and thus cause you some pre-occupation. Rather settle for a pair that you can wear with ease. Ensure that your shoes are clean and polished and are not badly scuffed or worn through.

When you dress for your interview, please, please make sure that you wash your feet before putting on clean socks, knee highs, stockings or pantyhose; and also check that your shoes are clean both inside and outside. A polishing or buffing up on the outside means the job is incomplete: check the inside of your shoes and also clean that area. Such detail is important – your shoes last longer and it should be part of your personal hygiene plan.


  • Matching shoes and bag is no longer essential, but it helps to do this if you have nothing else with which to match your shoes

  • In the case of strappy sandals, your feet and toes must look good

  • If you have nail polish on visible toes, make sure it isn’t chipped or flaked

  • If wearing high heels make sure they’re not too high or wobbly

  • If your shoes are closed, i.e. court shoes, even in the summer try to wear knee highs if you’re wearing pants, and wear pantyhose or stockings if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress

  • Do not wear knee highs, stockings or pantyhose with ladders or holes or snags in them

  • Check your legs and, if you’re not wearing pants, remove all visible hair

  • If you’re wearing an anklet chain, or rings on your toes, remove these distracting items

  • Do not wear attention seeking stockings or pantyhose with designs on them

  • Do not wear, brightly coloured or gimmicky shoes, shoes with jewellery, tassels, pom-poms or any other quirky gadgetry on your feet


  • Try to wear shoes and belt of the same colour

  • Make sure your shoes are well polished to a shine

  • Your socks should match each other

  • Wear appropriately dark socks with a suit or pants of a dark colour

  • Do not wear white socks under any circumstance

  • When applying for an office job, do not wear sandals

  • When applying for any job you should wear socks

  • If you’re wearing lace up shoes ensure that the laces are tied correctly

  • Do not wear brightly coloured or unusual, or neon coloured socks

  • Do not wear attention grabbing, or brightly coloured, or two toned, or unusual shoes

Do not ever wear flip flops, slippers, or takkies to an interview no matter what. There can never be a good enough reason or excuse to present yourself for interview wearing such sloppy footwear.

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