Five Psychological Factors that Drive Lawyer Website Success

Five Psychological Factors that Drive Lawyer Website Success


Five Psychological Factors that Drive Lawyer Website Success

Conversion optimization, the main job of law firms’ websites is based on the understanding of the manner in which people make decisions. A successful lawyer’s website gets visitors to contact their law firm.

The decision to contact a particular law firm is often based on emotions rather than based on the logical aspect.

What is Conversion?

Conversion is the act of getting website visitors to get in touch with your law firm.  Generating traffic to your website is just one half of the equation. The other half is keeping the visitors there and converting them from prospective clients to paying clients. 

A clever lawyer may have had experts to work on optimizing their firm’s website and they have achieved the top spot in search engines results page and received high visitor traffic. The clincher is then to focus on conversion so your lawyer website can deliver its maximum potential. 

What is Conversion Optimization?

A well-constructed website for a lawyers’ firm uses scientific approaches to optimize lawyer websites making sure to convert more visitors into paying clients and to generate more revenues. There are two ways to do optimization.

  • Drive more traffic to your website to increase the number of clients.

  • Improve the effectiveness of your website to convert more visitors into paying clients with the same amount of traffic currently generated by your website. 

Conversion optimization focuses more on the latter. This process entails evaluating the sales funnel of your lawyer website so you can convert more visitors into paying clients. You could, at that point, then have your website re-designed so as to test which version is converting more visitors. It an analytical, time consuming way of doing things but will certainly leave you with no doubt as to which method is more effective!

Often, the design and layout of your website creates a big impact on the number of visitors who eventually become your firm’s paying clients. Changing one word in your call-to-action can increase your number of qualified leads by over 200%. Sometimes changing your call-to-action button from green to red can also increase the number of clicks. 

Conversion optimization should be the focus of lawyer websites because increasing the conversion rate is critical in today’s’ crowded online marketplace. 

Experts on this subject believe that the increases in the number of visitors to your website that take action, are based on psychological factors. There are psychological factors that motivate website visitors to take action and call your law firm. 

Psychological Factors 

Simple tweaks to your website design can have major psychological impacts on the browsing experiences of your potential clients. Many experiments have proven that even the smallest changes in positioning, color, or wording can affect the success of your website. 

A well-designed website can evoke thoughts, emotions, and feelings of potential clients and effectively lead them to make the decision to engage the services of your law firm. 

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when creating content for a law firm website.

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)

  • Length of the content

  • Tone of the content

  • Target audience

It is important to match content with language that suits the psyche of your targeted audience. 

Everyone basically has similar mental triggers that motivate actions. If you want to understand your clients, you need to know what triggers them to make a decision to utilize your legal services. 

If you want more clients for your law firm, you will need to practice effective messaging. If it hits the emotions of your targeted audience, they will definitely reach out to your law firm. 

This entails a lot of persuasion and listening but with some knowledge on the physical factors that affect the way people make decisions, you may increase the conversion success rate of your website.  

There are many ways a law firm website can use psychology to influence potential clients to contact your law firm. Your law firm website should be able to persuade potential clients to consider your legal services. 

Decisions a potential client makes are influenced by psychological factors. 

1. Trust Indicators

Potential clients will not contact your law firm if they do not trust your website. Many people are still wary of giving their personal information over the Internet. A professional and well-polished look for your website will go a long way towards earning the trust of your potential clients. 

Your website should also show trust indicators. Such indicators could include certifications, awards, testimonials, reviews, and feedback. Credibility and trust go hand in hand so showing that your law firm is an authority in your area of law specialization will help potential clients make the decision of calling your law firm. 

Limit the possible reasons potential clients will distrust your law firm and your website will have more successful conversions.  

2. Psychology of Colors 

Lawyers say that the colors you use on your website can trigger the emotions of potential clients to convert into paying clients. 

  • Red basically connotes urgency.

  • Green represents growth and being one with nature. 

  • Blue is associated with being relaxed, calm, trustworthy, and dependable. 

  • Purple is a creative and fun color. 

  • Yellow reflects warm and happy emotions.

Whatever color scheme you choose for your website, make sure it comes with a white background. Law firm websites that are too colorful appear stressful, cluttered, busy, confusing, and disorganized. 

This will distract the attention of the potential clients into making the action you want them to take.

3. Personality

Potential clients do not want to be connected to a law firm. They want to be connected to the lawyers off the law firm. They like to be treated more as individuals rather than clients. Use pronouns such as “your” and ‘you’, instead of “we” or “I.” because these two last pronouns will give potential clients a sense of connection to you and your law firm. 

4. Fear of Missing Out

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a common psychological trigger. You can harness this psychological trigger by showing potential clients what they will miss if they do not convert and call your law firm. This can be done by simply re-phrasing your calls-to-action. 

5. Cognitive Fluency

Potential clients regard their time as a valuable resource. If your website appears too complicated, they will move over to your competitor. Your website design and content should be easy to understand, read and browse. 

It is common for people to exit your website when browsing and reading becomes a tedious task. Explain your legal services concisely and clearly without using complicated jargon. Break down content into manageable parts and use bullet points where needed. 

A strong online presence is essential for law firms. Design a website with psychological factors in mind to be able to convert more of your website traffic into paying customers. This will help your law firm stay competitive in the legal industry. 

Understanding the way people make decisions will help design your website making sure your visitors call your law firm. Making decisions to hire a particular law firm is always charged with emotions. 

Website content has many short-term goals. They need to be able to persuade visitors to consider your legal services. Listed above are just some of the psychological factors Lawyers use as leverage to influence potential clients to call your law firm. 

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