Committing Time to Market your Law Firm

Committing Time to Market your Law Firm


Committing Time to Market your Law Firm

The difference between a financially successful law firm and one who sometimes struggles with finances,  is usually that the former has a highly effective website that is usually created by professionals or people in the law firm who know about the Internet and have created an exceptionally good website; to those law firms either without a website or with a poorly created website that just doesn’t displayed the firm or its services as well as it should. 

Mostly it is not your knowledge of the law or your track record that ensures the success of a law firm. A law firm is a business and also needs to be marketed to ensure the continuous flow of clients because they are the people who bring revenues to a law firm.

Marketing a law firm is different from marketing other types of businesses. It can  entail a lot of money, time, and a serious commitment. Do not be overwhelmed because you do not need to be a sales expert to be able to successfully market your law firm. 

Growing a law firm even with the right marketing techniques such as a professional website will not necessarily make it an overnight success. You need to be consistent in your marketing efforts if you want to see a steady stream of new clients at your door.

What is Law Firm Marketing?

Marketing a law firm entails efforts that ensures it is in front of its market niche at all times. This typically means placing newspaper ads, TV ads, billboards, and placement in yellow pages. 

Advances in technology have however changed the way consumers and potential clients seek information. This has led businesses and law firms to shift marketing strategies to deliver their respective messages.  It’s essential that you make a point of keeping abreast of the latest trends and technology in marketing your law firm. 

Best Law Marketing Practices

Law firms need to commit time to market their business. Other than lawyers who work to generate revenues, working with experts who understand your workings of a law firm will advise you on the growth of your law firm and help to increase its revenues.

1. Choose a Specific Area of Law

It can be difficult to market a general law practice. Choosing to specialize in specific areas of law will set your law firm apart. It is also easier for Law Firms to target specific keywords with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can help potential clients search for the right law firm for their particular legal issue. 

2. Select a Specific Market Niche

The marketing efforts of your law firm should be directed to a specific market niche. If your law firm specializes in business law, you need to specify if your law firm focuses on manufacturing or retail businesses. This will again make Law Firm SEO in USA target their marketing efforts on a specific market niche.

3. Create a Marketing Plan

Being a business, your law firm needs to have a concrete marketing plan. Spending a lot of time on marketing efforts without focussing on a set target or goal means you are engaging in  hit and miss marketing which is amateurish and thus clumsy and messy and does more harm than good.. 

4. Build a Good Website

Building a good website should be at the top of your marketing plan. Your website should display to potential clients the services supplied by your law firm .

An effective law firm website should offer more than just a list of the services offered by your firm. It should also offer other resources (blogs, articles) about your area of law specializations. 

It’s important to work on optimizing your website so they will land in the top spot of search engine results pages (SERPs) so your law firm will be in front of potential clients at the exact time they need the services of your law firm. 

5. Build Credibility 

Positive reviews and feedback from satisfied clients are what builds the credibility of a law firm. Most consumers rely on reviews and feedback they find online before making the decision to buy a certain product. The same is true with potential clients. Before they get in touch with a law firm, they try to read everything they can online about the firm. 

6. Generate SEO Content

Most businesses today rely more on Digital Marketing than on typical offline marketing strategies to make your website get a top spot on Google Search Results pages for a particular keyword related to the services of your law firm. 

A top spot on Google SERPs will give clients the impression that your law firm is an expert in that particular area of law and will be most like to call you. 

SEO content may come in the form of blogs, videos, FAQs, whitepapers and other content related to the area of law specialization of your law firm. A link to your law firm website should be included in all content.

7. Be Visible in Social Media

Social media is a powerful and influential marketing tool.  With social media you can build networks that can be helpful in generating potential leads which you can later convert into actual clients for your law firm. 

You can use social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc…) to provide relevant content and include a link to your website. You can also use social media to engage your followers and build relationships so when they have legal issues, they will call you. Every follower you have on your social media sites is a potential client of your law firm. 

8. Get Listed on Online Legal Directories

Many potential clients rely on Online Legal Directories (, Justia, NoLo, Avvo, local Chamber of Commerce chapter) to find the lawyer they need. 

9. Advertise via Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or Google Ads provide instant gratification. They appear within the Google Search Result pages of the keywords related to your law firm. When a potential client clicks on your ad, he will be directed to the website of your law firm. Create an effective Google Ad for your law firm to generate more traffic to your website and therefore more potential clients that can be converted to paying clients. 

10.Engage in Email Marketing

While SEO will direct traffic to your law firm website, not all visitors will be ready to hire services of your law firm. You will need to devise a way to collect information of your website visitors and social media followers so you can send them regular emails. 

This is one of the best ways to keep your law firm at the top of their minds when they are ready or need to hire a lawyer. 

Your law firm can assign a staff member or have a Marketing Department to work on all these marketing strategies to make sure your law firm is well promoted and advertised across all marketing platforms. You can also opt to hire marketing professionals to do the job. 

It is however not enough to just to lay out the framework and start these marketing campaigns. They need to be sustained to realize long-lasting results and have a continuous flow of new clients. 

Generating a steady supply of new clients should not be the only focus of your law firm. You should provide the best legal service you can to ensure a satisfied client. 

Providing the best legal services does not only entail having full knowledge of the law. Providing top notch customer service is not a marketing task but it is the culmination of all your marketing efforts. 

When speaking to a new client, explain carefully what they can expect you to do for them and live up to that expectation. That is the best customer service practice. 

Law marketing is a serious task and committing time to market your law firm will give the revenues you expect.  Hiring Internet professionals will ensure you are at the right place when potential clients need legal services and that will ensure more revenues for your law firm. 

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