What Makes for a Good Law Firm Website?

What Makes for a Good Law Firm Website?


What Makes for a Good Law Firm Website?

Your law firm needs the services of Attorney SEO because a physical office is no longer enough to run a successful law practice. Your need to be visible on the Internet and a good law firm website will help you achieve this goal.

Law firm websites come in all sizes, shapes, colors, layouts and designs. They should also have clear goals and should be created to target your market niche. A Lawyer SEO can help your website look its best online so it can attract quality leads that will eventually be paying clients. 

Purpose of Law Firm Websites

If your law firm website is not able to engage prospective clients and convert them to paying clients, then you have wasted valuable time and money on it. 

Your law firm website serves a lot of purposes. It shares information on:

  • Who you are

  • Your area of law specialization

  • How prospective clients can avail of your services

Beyond the basic information, your law firm website also showcases your value proposition to your target audience. 

Good Law Firm Website

The Internet is widely competitive and for your law firm website to get noticed you will need to create an engaging user experience for your visitors. An SEO Law works to create a unique brand out of your law firm focusing on its credible, readability and truthfulness. 

Your law firm website represents your law practice on the Internet. It will create the image you want to project for your firm. It will also provide prospective clients with all the information they need to make the decision to hire your services. 

  • Basic Pages

Your website should include these basic pages to relay the message of who you are to prospective clients.

- Home. More often, this is the page most of your visitors will land. This is the page where you can create an amazing first impression for your law firm. This page should also be able to capture the attention of your audience. 

- About. This is the page where you should convey the mission, vision and what sets you apart from the other law firms with similar areas of law specialization. 

- Services. This page lists your law firm’s area of law specializations and how your clients can benefit from your services. 

- Contact. This is an important page because it is where visitors can get in touch with you for more information.  Actually each of your website’s pages should include your contact information because it should be the information that should be the easiest to find in your website. 

  • Website Design

Over 75% of consumers tend to judge the credibility of a company based on the design and functionality of their website. 

  • Design 

Aesthetics is the main thrust of your website focusing on color scheme and choice of font. It should reflect the professional image you want to project for your firm 

  • Functionality 

Site visitors should be able to easily access the interactive parts of your website so they can immediately find the information they need. Your website should:

- Have a Search function. This is to allow your website visitors to easily access something specific they are looking for fast. 

- Be easy to navigate. It should be easy to follow and understand with the title of each page matching its content. Navigation buttons should be at the top of your website with drop-down menus for sub-pages.

- Have a low scroll. Keep your website pages short because your visitors do not have the patience to scroll endlessly before they can find the information they need. 

- Have a clean sitemap. A visual map showing the pages included in your website makes it easy for Law Firms SEO to optimize your website. It will allow Google and other search engines to easily crawl your website to give it a top spot in search results pages.  

- Be mobile-friendly. Your firm’s website should work well on the desktop and better on a mobile device. This is because over 86% of your prospective clients will be looking up your website through their mobile devices. 

  • Areas of Specialization 

One of the first things your site visitors will want to know about your law firm is the areas of law specializations. The site visitor landed on your page because the Law Firm SEO in USA included the keywords he typed on the search box when optimizing your website. 

A brief and thorough description of what your law firm can do in each area of law specialization will help site visitors decide if you can help them. 

  • Law Firm Attorneys

Include a clear photos and a short bio about each of the lawyers in the firm. Website visitors can start forming a bond with the lawyer whom they think will be suited to help with their legal problems. 

  • Law Firm Achievements 

Has your law firm won any awards? Has it been receiving many positive reviews? Has it been featured in a publication? Brag about them - especially on your website and on the internet! These will help to build the credibility and truthfulness of your law firm. It is the goal of your website to convert visitors into leads and eventually into paying clients because they know you can help them win their cases. 

  • Client Testimonials and Reviews

Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients increases the credibility of your law firm. It gives prospective clients affirmation that they are about to make the right choice. In fact, clients’ testimonials and reviews are the most effective content marketing techniques used by SEO for lawyers to optimize your website. 

Some law firm websites present their client testimonials and reviews on their front page and have a separate page for more. 

  • Live Chat Widget

Textual communication is widely used today through Messenger, text messages, etc... Many prospective clients find it more comfortable to write their message rather than making a phone call. A chat option on your website, more visitors will most likely contact your law firm.  Should you include a chat widget, make sure someone is in-charge of giving instant responses. 

  • Blogs 

A good law firm website will include a regularly-updated blog. Blog content can include information of certain areas of law specializations of the firm, success stories of a client helped by the firm, or any informational posts.  A Lawyer cleverly using SEO on their website will use relevant keywords in the blog article to optimize the website.

  • Social Media

A good law firm website includes the law firm’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and other platforms. Social media sites extend the reach of your law firm because these social media sites are additional channels of communication. They also include links to your website. 

  • High-Quality Photos

It can be boring to visit a website with all-text content. Include photos of your lawyers and your office. Have a formal and professional photo shoot with the lawyers of your firm. Include a photo of each lawyer in your website, with their bio and link to their social media sites. 

  • Contact Information

Your website should have all the contact information of your law firm. This includes phone numbers, office address, email addresses, and social media names. It should be easy for prospective clients to contact your law firm other than through live chat (if you have one) and a contact form. 

  • Call-to-actions

These are short phrases that often come in the form of clickable text (ex. “Click here to set an appointment.”) or “Read More.” Spread out your “calls-to-actions throughout your website so you can make a website visitor a lead or a paying client at any point. 

Your law firm website is the face of your law firm on the Internet. It can help create a good and lasting impression on your law firm. It can also be a turn-off for some.  Make sure to create a good law firm website including all that is needed to convince a visitor to be a paying client. 

More importantly, work with the best SEO Marketing Law Firm so your website will have a high rank in search engine results pages and have maximum visibility on the Internet. 

We have said this before because it’s true, well used SEO on your website can have a massive positive impact on your law firm.

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