How to Market Your Law Firm

How to Market Your Law Firm


How to Market Your Law Firm

If you are a new lawyer or starting a new law firm; the first on your list should be how to get clients, moat-like through SEO Law Firm. Knowing how to have a continuous flow of clients is key to the success of your law firm.

Most metropolitan areas are overflowing with law firms. The legal market is also saturated in terms of areas of specialization. Your law firm will, therefore, need to have the right marketing strategies to ensure the success of your law firm.

 Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Being a great lawyer and putting in a lot of hard work is no longer enough to ensure the success of a law firm.  Great marketing strategies are what will contribute to a large percentage of the success of a law firm. It is, of course, understood that the law firm is marketing great lawyers.

Marketing a law firm entails a lot of hard work but once you can determine what marketing strategy works for your law firm, you are ensured of clients knocking on your door.

Here are some of the tried and tested marketing strategies you can adopt for your law firm:

 Traditional Marketing Methods

Traditional marketing methods would require your physical involvement in reaching out. If you enjoy giving brochures, invitations, and engaging with other professionals for the network, then having a traditional marketing method is the best for you. Here are the other ways to traditionally market your law firm:

1.    Create business cards. This is a must for every lawyer so you can hand it to any potential client or clients you meet. Your business cards can come with a stylish and professional design (check business card designs on the Pinterest account of the American Bar Association for some inspiration). It should include your firm’s name, your name, office address, phone number, website URL and email address.

Create a logo for your firm. This is similar to ‘branding’ the legal services offered by your firm.

2.    Place a newspaper and radio ads. Placing paid ads on your local newspaper or radio station will raise awareness' on the existence of your law firm. This will not work though in the big cities as advertising rates can get to be too expensive.

3.    Create brochures.  This is handy literature you can give prospective clients so they can read up more about your law firm. Do some research on the most effective content and layout.  It should include basic information about the law firm’s legal services. Do not include lawyers' profiles except if you are on solo practice. Do not include legal fees, too.

4.  Create newsletters or publish articles in your local newspaper. You can send regular newsletters to your clients or prospective clients through email or perhaps a hard copy. You can also choose to write a legal article for your local newspaper.

Both these methods will help you create visibility for your law firm. Make sure to include the name of your firm, contact details, and website URL.

 Build a Referral Network

Never discount the power of referral networking when it comes to getting new clients for your law firm. You can always count on your family and friends to promote your firm to their respective network. In building your network, you must always value relationships.

A satisfied client will also most likely refer your law firm to his family, friends, business associates, and colleagues.

You can also join your local Bar Association and interact with fellow lawyers. Build relationships and make connections with other lawyers and talk about your areas of specialization. This can result in a mutual referral of clients in the future. Be wary though and stop referring clients to lawyers who do not refer clients to you, too.

Stay in contact with your former law school classmates. You may now have different areas of specialization and can work out a referral system.

 Establishing Your Online Presence

Most people who need products or services rely on the internet for valuable information. Many people who need legal services also resort to the Internet. Thus, your law firm needs to also be visible on the web. Here are the things that you need to consider:

5.  Having a professional and talented web designer build a user-friendly website for your law firm is a great advantage. With that done, hire the services of the best SEO Marketing Law Firm.

6.   Invest in Search Engine Optimization. Other than a great website, valuable content is important for SEO.  Other than written content, you can also include videos to introduce your law firm and your lawyers as well as your areas of specialization.  This creates more value for your law firm and will send many clients to your firm.

Include a list of the legal services your law firm offers in the Homepage as well as the profiles of your lawyers.

7.    You may also include blog posts that provide information about legal issues related to the area of law specialization of your law firm. Your lawyers can take turns writing blogs or your law firm can hire freelancers or law students to write blogs.

It would also be great if you include Testimonials from clients will also boost the credibility of your firm. Also, you can have a call to action page so prospective clients can immediately contact your law firm.

Make sure your attorney SEO services work on your website having a higher rank in the SERPs (search engine result pages) of search engines for more online visibility.

8.    Be active on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook) so you can engage with prospective clients. Make sure to post or tweet relevant content at the right time. Avoid tweeting and posting if you are expected to be working at that time. Try tweeting between 1 pm and 3 pm to receive the highest rate of clicks.

Follow on social media people who live in the area of your law firm. Like their tweets and posts, or share relevant news and stories with them, and engage them. You may not get immediate results from this marketing method but when any of your social media followers need legal services, you will be at the topmost of their mind.

Social media is also a good venue to follow up on past and new acquaintances, and friends. You will never know when they will need your legal services.

9.    Know how people rate your website through Google Analytics. Google Analytics lets you know which of the keywords Law firm SEO in the USA used to allow search engines to index and categorize your website brought in visitors to your website.

Google Analytics will also tell SEO for Lawyers USA which terms related to your website is the most popular. You can then use these terms on your website.  

10.    Create online ads through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google Adword, PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Buy sponsored ads on Facebook to promote the legal services of your law firm. Google AdWords, on the other hand, is keyword-based. It matches your ad to a relevant keyword. You can also place ads on LinkedIn and Instagram.

11.    You can also hire Lead Generation Services that specializes in legal services. These services will generate traffic to your website. You Lawyer SEO should be able to have your website on the first page of SERPs to be ready for the influx of traffic to your website.

While traditional marketing methods are still highly feasible and will never cease to become an effective marketing strategy, it should be strongly complemented by working on your firm's online presence, investing in a Lawyer’s SEO  while continuously building your referral network.


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