Why Your Website Should Have a Clean Design with Sufficient White Space?

Why Your Website Should Have a Clean Design with Sufficient White Space?


Why Your Website Should Have a Clean Design with Sufficient White Space?

In a time where people are constantly seeking information, the internet has become a hub for it. Which is why companies need to create a website with a clear layout. You want to create a website that grabs and keeps viewers' attention. Not something cluttered with information which likely will overwhelm them. Remember that there are hundreds of other companies online that will provide them almost the same information, so you don’t want to overwhelm them with a cluttered design. Which will force visitors to look elsewhere for the information they need.

By going with a simple layout, doesn’t mean you limit the information you provide. All it means is that you keep the reader's interest in mind while creatively laying the information out so it is appealing. The process isn't complex, you just need to know how to properly use the images, content, colours, and other design elements to your advantage. A smart way to do that is to utilise white space. The concept of white space contributes to the “less is more” ideology. Its main purpose is to improve web performance and readability.

Understanding white space

White space is exactly what it sounds like, it is the part of the page that is empty. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the colour white, it would take the website’s background colour. It is essentially the space left without an image, text, graphics, and any other design element.

White space is a great tool to use when you want to transition from text to image or in between your content. It adds elegance to your design and simplifies it. You don’t need to create a complex layout for your website to attract visitors and keep them on. Most visitors prefer white space and a simplified design because it makes it easier for them to find the information they need. Let’s take Google for example. When you go on the website, you notice the logo and the search bar, that is it. Google has made it as simple as possible for users to come and search for what they need because that is why visitors come on their website.

Now, your business can’t get away with something so simple but you want to take a similar approach. By using white space, you want to make it easier for visitors to get the exact information they need on your website. When you start thinking about white space, you automatically ensure that the text you have is as relevant as possible and you don’t have any unnecessary content or graphic on the page. At the end of the day, you want an optimal user experience on the website, white space will help you achieve that.

How does white space contribute to your website goals?

For most of your clients, your website will be the first impression of your business. You want to make sure you make a lasting impression. The only way to do that is to provide an exceptional experience for the user. For law firm’s this goes beyond showing your expertise. Yes, while showcasing your knowledge is important so is how you do it. You can’t have one page that lists the multiple services you have. This will complicate things for your visitors. Instead, you can have separate pages under services for each service you provide. This allows you to utilise white space, provide visitors with the exact information they need without the need to read about much else unless they want to.

Everybody reads the news online. Now imagine news sites not using white space and margins to separate one news from the other on their home page. They would have one news overlap with another which would confuse readers. That is what normally happens when you don’t space text, images, and use margins on your website. You confuse clients, making it almost impossible for them to browse your website.


When you design your business’ site, you need to think more like a visitor and less like a business owner. Yes, you want as much information on there as possible but you also want to make sure it is appealing to read. This means using white space and margins properly. It is the simplest way you can improve user experience and make your website worthy for visitors to continue to visit.

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