5 Real Benefits of Listing Your Website on An Attorney Directory

5 Real Benefits of Listing Your Website on An Attorney Directory


5 Real Benefits of Listing Your Website on An Attorney Directory

As a lawyer, you are always looking for ways to market your law firm. Some ways may be more effective than others, however, you need to make sure you utilise every possible marketing opportunity. In comes an attorney directory. These are a free and simple way to get your law firm on the map and contribute to its marketing in more ways than just one.

Attract Local Prospects

Directories serve as a hub for individuals to get details about a local business. An individual will only turn to an attorney directory when they need legal services. Which means, the prospect is likely to be a hot lead. You want to make sure that when they turn to a directory, your law firm appears. The best part is, these directories allow the business to register for free so there is no excuse for not having your firm listed on it.

These directories also present you with an opportunity to advertise. You can have ads on the site of the directory so your firm is one of the first one’s individuals come across. Which should help drive traffic to your website.

Helps Build Your Law Firm’s Reputation

You need to take up every opportunity you get to strengthen the reputation of your law firm. By having it listed on multiple attorney directories, you build its brand which adds to its reputation. Think about it, a prospect finds your firm online and decides to do a little bit of research on it. They decide to look through attorney directories but find that your firm isn’t listed on any. This will raise a bit of suspicion at their end as to if your firm was truly capable, it would have a listing in at least one attorney directory. Getting your firm listed helps build a sense of trust with prospects while also improving your firm’s brand.

Contributes To Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

While attorney directories won’t completely transform your SEO efforts, they do contribute to it. They contribute to your overall along with local SEO efforts. The listing adds another link back to your website that contributes to your link building efforts. Putting up a listing in multiple attorney directories will get multiple links back to your website which search engines will pick up, contributing to its SERP ranking. It does more than this for your local SEO. The directories tend to have a rating system that will contribute to your local SEO, not as much as ratings on Google itself but it will have an impact. The details you provide, specifically address will also strengthen your local SEO efforts.

Gather Client’s Testimonials

Many attorney directories will rank law firms based on their ratings. This means they allow for previous clients to come, rate the firm and leave a testimonial. Getting yourself listed on these directories isn’t enough, you need to entice clients to leave positive reviews also. It is beneficial for your firm to get as many positive reviews, not only so you rank higher in these directories. Online consumers look for such reviews before they opt for a service. These reviews can help sway more clients your way over the competition. The testimonials and reviews add to the reputation of the firm and will only increase its popularity.

Connects With Prospects Faster

Attorney directories are profession-specific. You know that only individuals seeking legal services will go to them. At the same time, they are also location-specific, anyone looking for such services prefers to do so from legal professionals near them. These directories present your firm with the chance to connect with an audience that is seeking exactly what you offer and within proximity of your firm. Now there may be a limited number of users using directories over Google. However, any traffic you generate from these directories is a bonus and will be easier to convert due to your firm being in close proximity and them needing the services you provide.


Attorney directories provide your law firm with numerous benefits from improving its brand to catering to your target audience, all for free. Now, your marketing strategy won’t completely revolve around directories but you should consider including it. It has the potential to increase traffic to your website and also impacts your SEO efforts. So, your firm is to gain something from it.

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