Target the Right Audience for Your Law Firm with The Help of Keyword Research

Target the Right Audience for Your Law Firm with The Help of Keyword Research


Target the Right Audience for Your Law Firm with The Help of Keyword Research

We are all aware of the importance of appearing in search results. But which search results you appear on the top of, is important to the type of traffic you generate. You need to strategically target keywords you want to rank for. Keyword research helps you narrow down the keywords you need to focus on to reach your audience. The process essentially answers the following questions:

  • When it comes to legal services, what are users searching for?

  • How many users search for specific keywords?

  • What is the format in which users want information related to legal services?

Keyword research is a vital element of understanding your audience. You’ve heard of the importance of targeting specific keywords for SEO, well this process helps you do that.

Discovering Keywords

Even before you start your research on keywords, you will already have a few keywords in mind to target. These should be of specific legal services you provide. You can use these as the basis of keyword research. There are many keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner which help you determine the best keywords to use. The first step is to use these tools to help you discover keywords based on the ones you want to target. The tool gives you all the insight you would need such as the volume of monthly search for the keyword. The purpose of this is to determine which variations of the keyword will make the most impact, in terms of generating traffic for your law firm.

Keep in mind that you need a mix of both high and low competition keywords. Therefore, make a list of keywords you find and devise your content plan accordingly. Remember that the higher the volume of searches for a keyword, the more work required to rank for them. Which is why you need to get the low having fruits along with target the higher ones, all at the same time.

Should You Use Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are generally the low volume searched keywords. While your high-volume keywords may get over 50K searches in a month, long-tail ones would result in 5K searches. Most law firms turn away from long-tail keywords due to the lesser quantity of searches. Which is exactly why you need to consider targeting them. The beauty of long-tail keywords is that users that need specific services use them. Which means, they are likely to convert with a little less effort.

Make Your List Focusing on Keywords by Region

People seeking legal services, typically go with a law firm within their region. Which is why you must want to target keywords that are popular within the region of your law firm. Google Keyword Planner lets you filter results based on region. This will help you target keywords that your local audiences search for.

Keywords Based on Your Competitors

Once you know the top keywords to use within the region, you also want to see how much competition you have for these keywords. The level of competition would give you an idea of how much effort you would need to put in to rank on top for said keyword. This research will highlight keywords that may receive high search volumes but your competitors are not focusing on, which means you need to target them immediately.

Tools that can help you with keyword research

You will likely use multiple tools as you research keywords to target. The most popular tools for the task are:

  • Google Keyword Planner: The tool is easy to use and is usually the starting point for most business’ SEO quest. You will get important information such as search volume data and even cost per keyword for PPC.

  • Moz Keyword Explorer: This tool makes it easier for your law firm to determine how difficult it would be to rank for a keyword. It has some additional feature such as a difficulty score so you know which keywords to have a long-term plan for and which to have short-term.

  • Google Trends: This tool gives you insight into seasonal keywords you can target.


Like any form of research, you will need to go in-depth into the statistics available to you to find the best keywords to target. When it comes to targeting keywords, you need to know which keywords will get you the most return, relevant traffic. Conducing keyword research with different tools can help you achieve that. You want to look at the different analytics the tools present to devise a content plan for your law firm’s website.

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