Law Firm Marketing Part 4

Law Firm Marketing Part 4


Law Firm Marketing Part 4

Have a Great Working Website!

Visibility and Personality

Here is where it’s a good idea to develop a profile on each of the Attorneys. An Attorney profile/biography should be such that the reader feels compelled to click on it and read more. Thus it should contain the Attorney’s photograph; their qualifications; areas of expertise; an outline of their experience and successes; and also something about their personalitythat speaks of them as real people as opposed to being legal robots.


The profile of the Law Firm itself needs to be handled in such a way thatit not only contains basic information but also should also highlight howit deals with the needs of its Clientele – so that the firm also developsa personality whilst drawing attention to its professional expertise; various successes; and its work ethic.

Submission of Legal Articles

These articles, bearing the name of your Attorneys, and therefore, your Law Firm, will give more visibility to your Firm. You will also benefit from credibility and, of course, the cherry on top is that is gives you Firm a personality that no other Firm enjoys!


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