The Benefits of Live Chat for Your Law Firm

The Benefits of Live Chat for Your Law Firm


The Benefits of Live Chat for Your Law Firm

The channels of communication in today's time are, currently and rapidly, evolving.

If you are a lawyer or you have a law firm that concentrates on the traditional processes of communication towards clients, then you need to take a step forward to boost your business.

There are many emerging innovations nowadays where it focuses on creating more effective ideas and ways to improve life.

For lawyers or a law firm owner, it is important to implement new ways to improve your services and adapt to the current market, to make your business grow more.

The Emergence of Live Chat

We all know that nowadays, we are surrounded and awestruck almost every day with news of innovation, automation, and technological advances in one field or another – all happening in our time.

One of the most common ways for communication in today’s time is using live chat.

Live chat exists to provide interaction between the service provider and clients -which firmly enhances the clients or customer experience.

We’re not talking about a call centre but one on one communication.

Having a live chat system is a great opportunity for businesses to improve their client or customer engagement process. It bridges towards better operational efficiency through reducing the usual cost of providing customer service; and in many cases live chats are commonly used for better customer service.  

We hear that some of the best businesses in the USA have adapted incredibly well and they use live chat support. These businesses include Betterment, Canyon, Snap Engage, Ruffwear, Aid in Recovery, Maids in Black, and Petplan.

Have you already used live chat to maximize your law career or law firm concerning your clients?

If you haven’t yet used this method of communication, then here are the reasons why you need to have a live chat system for your law firm:

The Five Benefits of Live Chat for Your Law Firm

The primary work of a lawyer focuses on legal matters and you can maximize your client relationships as you make use of technological advances such as live chat.

This also goes the same for law firms because it is important to relate to your clients and maximize the best way to communicate.

Below are discussions regarding various methods of client services and the results thereof.

1. Real-Time Engagement

Busy schedules and multiple tasks simultaneously; a lot of people are preoccupied with their personal careers and agendas – making it all about them and not the business in hand.

Modern times are demanding and fast-paced.  Busy city streets become the passage of many people on the go and under too much stress.

If you are a law firm or a lawyer who wants to maximize every opportunity to make the most out of each day, you probably need to offer a live chat.

This is affirmed by law firms who have already included live chat in their services.

You need to adapt to the present time, where people’s schedules are too blocked to breathe. Giving them a break like this is such a comfort for your busy clients and, it’s fast becoming essential.

You can offer live chat to your potential clients who want to ask or inquire about the services that you offer. They will love you for it!

When you not only just cater for your clients in general, but also pander to their needs they will notice and be extremely grateful and loyal. It will also immediately catch the attention of potential clients and impress them maybe into becoming true clients.

However, the process for many law firms and lawyers would be closing a deal online and then transition to a one-on-one personal communication for the legal discussion at your offices. Since legal matters and concerns would need to be more personal for clarity and to properly establish the client’s case and to formally take instruction.

2. Boost Client Satisfaction

Having a live chat for your clients and existing clients can be a great way to address their needs especially in dealing with ordinary concerns.

Some clients just want to ask about their next appointment, the lawyers’ availabilities, transaction details, and other legally processed matters.

In this, having a platform to accommodate them can provide great satisfaction for clients. Moreover, the live chat support must follow the guidelines to become more effective.

Here are the important qualities that your chat support agents must have:

  • Good and clear communication skills

  • Fundamental knowledge about the business or services

  • Polite and pleasing personality

  • Cooperation and a deep sense of responsibility

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Transparency and honesty

  • Patience

  • Preferably a sense of humor

These qualities can guide you in effectively communicating with your clients. You can start with this and work towards your goal to help your clients.

3. Improve Your Return on Investment (ROI)

A good return on investment (ROI) is a product of hard work like how law businesses are effective in the advertising/marketing field.

Your ROI relates to the efficacy of your business. Having great online dominance can help you have better ROI.

The live chat support for your clients can best be added to your website. However, if you are hesitant in providing a live chat due to the need for manpower and equipment.

This is not a problem, for you can access services through an external business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

You can ask a BPO company to provide live chat support for your business or services. However, you need to be cause and very hands on while dealing with this since you are dealing with legal concerns.

If you decide to outsource to an external company, you need to set specific limitations and lay out your expectations on how they shod respond to each and every call from a potential client.

4. Establishes Better Impression

Potential customers usually research your services or business online before they come to your office and close the deal.

It is important to build better impressions that will attract the client to your offices to explore the value of your services.

As you offer live chat support, it builds a proactive and fast-paced impression that boosts the value of your business. Individuals might at first be a bit nervous about the confidentiality of the situation. However, people love to talk, and they usually feel better once they’ve conveyed to someone else what it is they’re worried about – that’s so true! Therefore, obliging them means better business!

It can increase the conversion rate of your business. This means that the people who visit your website are being converted into paying clients.

5. Gives Value and Distinction to Your Law Firm

Your law firm has a brand that is the holistic representation of what identifies you distinctively. The brand is your trademark and it’s unique.

Boosting your brand so it stands out from others is important. Then you will effectively be able to capture more clients throughout the run of your business.

As you provide great live chat support, this can add more value and distinction to your law firm.

Since not all law firms are providing this kind of service for their clients. It is a huge advantage for you and it can boost your business effectiveness.

Whatever field of law is your specialty, people become nervous when they don’t talk to you. Therefore, having live chat support is a great advantage.

Let's Now Take Action!

The five benefits of live chat for your law firm is your guide as you take a step forward to boosting your business.

Moreover, if you establish live chat support the process can be improved wherein deals can now be closed virtually.

After your initial virtual interaction, it is recommended to pursue legal discussion personally to establish the details of the matter and personally take instruction from the client.

Having a live chat system does not automatically give you a five-star customer service seal; but it goes a long way towards it.

Be different, be daring, just do it – and see what happens. You’ll probably easily gauge the success on the before and after figures.

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