Three Ways to Make Clients Love your Law Firm

Three Ways to Make Clients Love your Law Firm


Three Ways to Make Clients Love your Law Firm

Great client service is important for every business to succeed.

Good, professional, exceptional, top notch client service given to the clients of Law Firms can very much be the deciding factor regarding success or failure of the future of any Law Firm.

Legal clients always want to work with talented lawyers; yet, regardless of how your clients’ legal problems end, you will be judged, invariably. depending on your clients’ experiences with you and your law firm. 

Your clients will judge you not only for the work you did, but more importantly, on how you delivered your legal services to your clients. It is therefore vital that you design your legal processes to make sure your clients get favorable experiences. You should give your clients reasons to love your law firm.  A good reputation is a solid foundation. Remember that saying, ‘It’s not enough to do it – it has to be seen to be done’? How you win their case through the strategic application of your knowledge and expertise? If your Clients are not understanding (insufficiently informed) of just how hard you work for them – how you turn their case around through your ingenuity; how will they ever be aware of the amazing service they are receiving from you?

Studies say that close to 90% of consumers will turn to competitors after experiencing mediocre customer service. The legal services market is highly competitive; thus, you need to stand out to attract new clients and more importantly to keep your existing clients.

Ways to Make Clients Love Your Law Firm

The American Bar Association says that when people need a lawyer, 46% of them will ask referrals from family, friends, and colleagues. In the same manner, over 60% of them will base their decisions to hire you, on your law firm’s reputation and reviews. Ensure that your website always highlights the good reputation of your law firm.

How do you make clients love your law firm? Here are three of the best ways.

1. Do the work

The best way for clients to love your law firm is to get the job done. Your firm should provide valuable and effective legal services; making your clients love your law firm and come back for their future legal needs.

It helps a lot if your law firm has a line-up of skilled lawyers and support staff that can appropriately handle all cases. Keep an accurate calendar and create a system to make sure all deadlines are met in a timely manner.

Doing the work efficiently also means staying informed of all recent changes to the law and development of court decisions that are important to the areas of law specialization of your law firm. However, it’s also important to let your clients know that you are pursuing ll channels of information for knowledge of any changes globally regarding the law.

Your law firm should also be updated with the latest innovations and technology such as making use of the best Search Engine Optimization services you can possibly delivery. This enables the swift and efficient delivery of legal services and the most effective of websites in order to generate more clients.

2. Have Excellent Customer Service

Many clients complain that their lawyers do not return their calls. Many also say they do not know what is happening to their cases. Your clients always want to feel valued. They want to have regular updates about their cases to lessen the stress. Clients may be needy for knowledge (which is understandable) but they really appreciate it when you take the time to regularly communicate with them.

Reply to emails and return phone calls in a timely manner. You can have your support staff relay information to your clients. If it is something extremely important, take the time to do so yourself.  These actions will make your clients write good reviews about your law firm which you can then highlight on your website and other marketing material.

You do not have to spend all day replying to emails and returning calls. The best way to deal with these is to block off a specific time of the day to make these communications. When a client hears from you, you save them from a lot of stress and heartache.

Here are some ways on how you can improve your firm's client service:

  • Make sure you have an efficient receptionist who answers phone calls in a timely manner. Make it a point to return calls within 24 hours even if you still don’t have answers to their questions. Simply touching base with your client can go a long way.

  • Make sure you have an assigned staff to reply to emails and answer phone calls from prospective clients generated from your website inquiry form in a timely manner. Responding right away will give to your prospective clients the impression that your law firm is attentive and dedicated to their needs.

  • Make sure you have good listening skills. Active listening will reduce the stress and anxiety of your client and will have a huge positive impact on your lawyer-client relationship.

  • Always show empathy by putting yourself in your clients’ shoes to show you understand and share how they are feeling. It is important to show empathy because many of your clients will come to you with uncomfortable and sensitive legal issues making it nerve-wracking for them.

  • Treat your clients as you would like to be treated. Legal issues about personal injury, family law, estate planning, bankruptcy, and tort law can be overly stressful and can bring out the worst in your client.

A better understanding of interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence is essential to provide excellent customer service. These skills can help you and your staff identify the feelings and emotions of your clients so you can respond accordingly with professional empathy:

  • Communicate with your clients about the progress of their cases and updates in layman's term because legal jargon can be condescending and frustrating. If some legal terms cannot be replaced, make sure to explain what they mean.

  • Always say thank you. Showing your appreciation to your clients for their continued patronage to your law firm can come in many forms. New clients appreciate a note that says thank you for choosing your law firm. You can also send them a freebie of your law firm with logo and contact information. A birthday card can also go a long way in making your clients feel your law firm appreciates and values their business.

  • Touch base with your client and check on how they are doing while his case is ongoing. This will make your client feel that you are also concerned about his welfare and not just his business.

3. Bill Accurately

Never give your clients a reason to feel they are overbilled. Make sure every invoice you send to your clients reflects the only work you have done for him.

You can easily do this by making use of a tracking and billing software that can come out with customized invoices. This software can create and send out invoices to your clients correctly and at the right time ensuring faster payments and increasing client confidence in your law firm.

Before starting to work on a case with a client you must agree on how your law firm is going to bill them. While you understand the value of excellent legal representation, your client may not. Make sure you discuss with your client billing methods and schedule of fees.

You, however, need to be careful when discussing billing matters with your client. At the onset, the emotions of your client are high because of his legal problem. Discussing billing issues may cause added stress.

Legal clients are aware that legal fees can be costly. However, if you are transparent from the very start your client will understand the value of your legal service. When you send a billing to your client make sure they do not think that your law firm is charging too much:

  • Make sure you have reasonable fees

  • Make sure your billing descriptions are easy to understand

  • Make sure that your breakdown of fees is easy to understand, too.

An excellent lawyer-client relationship is important to the growth of your law firm. An SEO for Lawyers Sa will tell you that developing good client relationships helps bring in new clients.

Even if you’re a great lawyer, if you don’t have clients, your legal skills and knowledge are useless. Your law firm grows because your clients love your law firm and this can be translated into being a loyal client and referring your legal services to family, friends, and colleagues.

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