The Power of Online Client Reviews for Lawyers and Law Firms

The Power of Online Client Reviews for Lawyers and Law Firms


The Power of Online Client Reviews for Lawyers and Law Firms

Do you know that online presence has a great impact on your career or business?

If you are a lawyer or you own a law firm business, you probably have made it to a point of dealing with your online presence.

Research has revealed that Google accommodates 79% of all search entries where there are approximately 63,000 searches every second, on a daily basis.

Your future clients or recent clients have probably done some research about you. However, no matter how positive they personally feel about you; a bad online presence can also turn your business marketability down.

Currently, the more visible your business is, on an online website or platform; the more visitors you can receive.

These online visitors can have time to check out what you offer and could be converted into clients. Online dominance is essential for your business or career.

Moreover, one of the most viewed online resources is online client reviews, which are currently gaining more popularity and interest from more people.

What is the Online Client Reviews?

Have you ever made an online review on apps or social media pages? You have probably tried.

The online client review is where a client or customer can have a review that represents the services or products that are based on first-hand experience.

As we deal with the clients' reviews for lawyers and law firms, let us first go back to the work and service that is being offered by law firms and lawyers.

The work of lawyers generally deals with the legal representation and giving of advice for businesses, individuals, and government agencies, especially to settle legal disputes or issues.

On the other hand, law firms are the associations where more lawyers, who presently practice law, interact.

There are some law firms where the lawyers at the firm share the profits and the clients, and all of the members of the law firm help in providing legal services.

Looking at the different services offered by lawyers and law firms, we find we can be accommodated for not only small legal disputes but also for extremely large and serious matters alike.  

Happy clients, despite keeping their confidentiality about their matters; when they are pleased with your services will write warm and endearing reviews online and, sufficient of these reviews, will speak volumes of your professionalism causing you or your firm to dominate the online market. That’s really powerful advertising and it’s all done through giving the best service you can to your clients – no matter the nature of their cases.

The 4 Powerful Impact of Client Reviews

As stated in the first part of this article, we understand, only too well, the importance of online supremacy in today's time.

The second part helps us to acknowledge the emergence of online reviews in helping businesses and careers grow - most especially of course, those of lawyers and law firms.

In this part, let’s recognize more of the importance of making the most from online client reviews by really the impact that it can give.

Here are the four powerful impacts of client reviews for lawyers and law firms.

1. Represents Your Business or Services

In dealing with the reviews for lawyers and law firms, there can be either two possible outcomes; positive, or negative.

Obviously, you want your business/law firm to be held in high esteem and good standing with the public: past, future and repeat clients. Therefore, you want it to grow, and preferably be more popular than others, with great reviews from clients.

This takes a lot of commitment as managing clients in any aspect other than their legal matter can be quite challenging.

If you are a lawyer, you need to have a credible representation of your services.

Law firms can grow their business more through maximizing online presence since most of the clients are present online.

You need to take every client or customer experience into the mix to establish your priorities and goals so that your business is held high by these people.

Remember though, for a Client to speak highly of their lawyer or law firm can sometimes be difficult as they would dearly like to praise you but wish to remain anonymous.

2. You Become Knowledgeable of Client’s Needs and Wants

Every person is unique, this also goes the same in receiving reviews. The client's feedback can be unpredictable.

You can take responsibility for it by providing the best that you have to offer.

The online reviews will help you understand more of the client’s needs and wants. It will help you point out the things that you can improve.

You can also take a step forward in understanding each of the clients. Here are the guide questions for you to know more of your every client:

  • What is the reason for a client in availing of services for you? 

  • Who are the people that are availing of your services?

  • How often do clients seek your services?

Gather all of the data of the availed services, the profile of your clients, and the frequency of availing your services will help you know more about the leading of your business or career.

You will understand the common services asked for you or your law firm. This will help you know in the area where you generally can concentrate more.

3. Establishes Impressions

The initial or first impression of the clients starts the moment they were able to perceive and check out your services and reviews online.

As mentioned earlier, customers nowadays check out online references first through searching to know more details about the lawyer or the law firm.

It can be a critical point to consider, since once a client visits your page or website and checks out the reviews, they become  potential clients – almost waiting to be converted by your law firm..

Conversion is the process wherein a visiting client or customer decides to take your services.

The positive and negative impression of your clients can be based on the holistic reviews and presentation of your services through your website and social media.

In this, the major goal is to be able to dominantly manifest a positive impression to your potential clients where online reviews can powerfully impact.

4. Adds Value and Credibility

The positive online client reviews can help you establish positive impressions that lead to a higher conversion rate. It also adds value and credibility to your offered services since there are online client reviews that back-up and testify to the excellence of your services.

Credibility and value are important aspects of a business. They help it grow and network more to clients that are in need of legal services.

Also, in dealing with reviews there are three tips on asking for reviews:

  • Make It Authentic

  • Consistency Matters

  • Ask Promptly and Politely

This will also help you in making sure that you are dealing with your clients in the right way. Once you establish value and credibility it must be maintained.

The process of maintaining it is important and challenging at the same time. Managing the holistic side of a business requires a lot of effort and time.

The continual asking of reviews from clients is also your way of letting them feel special. This will also help you know more about your needs and wants and, more especially, those of the clients.

Stay positive, stay focused and stay consistent, because just one bad review from a silly mistake of misunderstanding, can put you back and destroy months of work.

For online client reviews are powerfully impacting your business, your career, your future.

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