Should Lawyers Use Website Builders Like or Get a Custom Website Design?

Should Lawyers Use Website Builders Like or Get a Custom Website Design?


Should Lawyers Use Website Builders Like or Get a Custom Website Design?

Online marketing, these days, is one of the best marketing strategies that a law firm could have. Well applied Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will assist your law firm website to be highly visible on the Internet. A website is important for law firms who want to have a strong online presence. 

Lawyers know the importance of having a good quality website to help grow their law firms. However, when they do not have the skills or the time to manage a professional website by themselves, they might hire specialists who, on the other hand, can result in high costs. The alternative is that website builders can quickly help create a website for law firms.

What are Website Builders?

Website builders are not people – they are tools used to create start-up websites that do not require manual code editing. In short it is a program that allows you to easily create websites even if you are not too computer savvy. Better yet – you have control over the content in your website. is a website builder known all over the world that allows you to easily and quickly create a website and get it running. It is considered to be the best plug and play website builders.

A full-featured website builder, is code free and considered by most to be the absolutely best website builder for those who want to establish a reliable and credible online presence to catch the attention of their target market. can help you create a website design without the help of a professional web developer. It uses the drag and drop method to create a simple, basic website that is easy for you to optimize your site for mobile devices so as to attract more clients. 

It sounds so easy to create a beautiful website design and helps you do just that! It comes complete with designs that are attractive and professional. This website builder also provides you with dedicated Law and Finance section templates. You can just simply choose the best option for your law firm and instantly create a good, serviceable website that is instantly up and running. 

Features has a lot to offer even with its free plan: ADI ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) allows you to simply submit your content and automatically come up with a stunning and one-of-a-kind free website. Turbo 

The advanced Turbo works to make your website fast loading.

Law Firm Templates includes an exclusive category consisting of templates for Law and Finance. These templates are mobile-ready and you can choose the best design to suit your market niche. 

Mobile and Standard Editors

Aside from using the ADI you can manually create and edit your website using the standard editor system or create a separate version for mobile devices.

Blogging System

You can connect your blog to your law firm’s website so that you can remain in touch with your clients and partners. This allows you more chances of optimizing your website with carefully applied SEO. 

Interaction Widgets

The App Market consists of paid and free apps and widgets such as Book Appointments online, Contact Management +CRM, Callback, Wix Forms, Live Chat, Wix Chat 123 Form Builder, Wix Bookings, Comments, Events Calendar, Scheduling Pro, Google Events Calendar. Latest News, Infuse Testimonials, and others which allows you to communicate and interact with your clients and partners. 


This website builder also includes Forum into your website so you can start a discussion as well as create topics, branches, sections. This allows Law Firms to better optimize their websites. 


Ease of Use, most users say, is a website builder that is user-friendly. It uses a drag-and-drop editor that allows on-line editing for a full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience. In short, it lets you view your website as you build it. 

Easy to Manage Software allows even non-website developers to easily create a website. You have easy access to your dashboards so you can edit your designs and add new content without having to worry about updates or to learn about new platforms.

Amazing Templates

You have over 500 templates to choose from to suit your business and target audience. 

Design Freedom has unlimited fonts for you to choose from. You can customize your website design by just simply dragging and dropping. You can also add scroll effects such as zoom in and out, and parallax. You can also add image and video galleries to make your website more exciting. 

Easy to Change

You do not have to be tech-savvy to edit your website. You can easily make changes from the dashboard by dragging and dropping and without the need for codes. 

Search Engine Optimization did not have the best reputation for their SEO efforts, but recently they have vastly improved this functionality.

Mobile Optimized is fully optimized to display well on mobile devices. 

Affordable Price is highly affordable if you are looking to have a simple website. 


Third Party App

You may have to shell out additional costs for third party apps if you want to upscale your website

Template Switching

You will not be able to switch templates once your website goes live.

Customizable Options

Some users are overwhelmed with the many customizable options to choose from. 

Software Limitation does not track the number of website visitors to analyze data. allows you to manage your website from a desktop or mobile device by simply logging in to your account. The pricing of depends on your plan of choice. 

Custom Website

To create a custom website for your law firm you will need to hire a professional website developer. Customized websites are often used by small and large law firms. 

The Attorney Guide builds custom website for lawyers that are SEO and fully optimized for mobile devices. You can create customized modules based on your own specifications and integrate them into the software you are also using. You can assimilate your social media sites into your custom website.



A good custom website developer can create a website that can create new things in the future. This makes your investment work for you as you can use the website for a long time.


A custom website is built to last. It is faster, more semantic, and SEO-friendly. It can last for many years without the need for a facelift except when you need to change the branding of your law firm.


A custom website is built specifically for your law firm. You will have a unique branding system because your website visitors can easily correlate your website with your law firm. It is built according to your unique specifications limited only by your imagination and talent of your developer. 

Do you like to include animation into your website? Ask your web developer to design one for your law firm’s website. 

Search Engine Optimization

A custom website is built with search engine optimization in mind. The website’s content is accessible on all search engines. 

You Own It

You own your custom website. Once it is built, it is your very own. Not even the web developer can have permission to retain your website without your consent


Time Constraints

It can take quite some time to build a custom website. Your web developer will need to come up with a framework, design, server set-up, and demo time. All these can take over two months to complete. 

Security and Updates

When you have your law firm website custom built, make sure that they build in safety features to protect your website from hackers as far as possible.

Hefty Price

Custom websites can be expensive because they are made just for you and based on your own specifications. 

Designer websites work fast on any device regardless of operating system and screen size. 


Should your law firm website be built by using or should you have a custom-designed website? It depends on your budget, the size of your firm, and your passion to create and maintain a good quality website. is a good product, best suited to small start-up law firms that don’t have sufficient funds for anything better. However, once your firm grows to larger dimensions, we recommend a custom built, SEO friendly website.

You need a good online presence, and a good control of your website; but if you’re too busy, then help is needed either from the professionals or through a virtually ‘ready-made, start up and maintain’ website; then as you grow, your website will demand more attention and you will have to make plans to accommodate this needy but vital website that brings in your business and your clients.

For now, whichever you choose, it’s essential that your firm attains its visibility through the highest-quality website your law firm can afford. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start drawing in paying clients.

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