Website Hosting for Lawyers

Website Hosting for Lawyers


Website Hosting for Lawyers

Most lawyers and law firms now have websites. Website management and hosting, although often overlooked, should always be part of designing a lawyer's website. A lawyer's website may be visually attractive and a lot of programming went into creating it, but it does not have a reliable and fast server, your website will not perform the way it should. 

Research from Google says that a person forms a first impression within 17ms. If about 45% of the visitors expect the loading time of your webpage to be in 2 seconds or less, you do not have much time to create a first impression. After all, first impressions always last. 

Every second of page response delay reduces the conversion rates of your website by about 8%. This means you will have to quickly work on creating a great first impression. 

It is the responsibility of both the website and the web host to make sure of the on-time delivery of your website to visitors and potential clients. Web hosting is the foundation of your website. 

In the past, internet users had the patience and made do even when websites had low to mid-level web hosting. With stiff competition today, it is important to have fast and reliable web hosting to stay ahead of your competitors online. 

Handheld mobile devices have also become extremely accessible and studies show that over 50% of web searches are done using these devices. With that said, it is important that the website of your law firm is served by a fast, consistent, and reliable connection speed starting from your web host. 

BlueHost is one of the best web hosts that can provide the fastest and most reliable legal website hosting. 

Why Do Lawyers Need a Website?

Most lawyers who are just starting their solo practice or have a small law firm are often in a quandary of whether they need to have a website. Nielsen, in its recent survey, says that 75% or three out of every four Americans who need a lawyer, search online to find one. Shouldn’t these statistics be proof enough that lawyers need websites? There are other important reasons, too. 

Builds Credibility and Trust

Having a website can help increase your credibility among your clients and colleagues. Your webpage content, as well as testimonials and references, will make your clients trust your knowledge and skills more.  

When people are sure that you have the knowledge and skill to solve their legal problem, they will surely contact you. Including a blog on your website is the best way to show off your skills, knowledge, and expertise. 

Powerful Marketing Tool

A law practice is a business, thus lawyers need to market and promote their legal services to stay afloat and remain competitive. A website is powerful marketing to promote the services of a lawyer or law firm. 

If someone visits your website it means they are in need of a lawyer. With powerful content and information, you can easily convert potential clients into paying clients. 

Makes you More Accessible 

Lawyers can be more conveniently accessible through a website. You can easily be reached by a potential client 24/7. If you want to be more competitive, having a website can make you as visible online as the bigger law firms. 

You can have a blog on your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your website will have a higher rank in the results page of search engines. This will give you or your law firm more visibility. 

It is Informative

Having a website will conveniently give your potential clients information about your legal services. It will also inform potential clients of your area of law specialization, experience, and credentials (e.g. where you completed your Juris Doctor degree or probably your Masters in Law degree. 

All this information will allow potential clients to make an informed decision. 

Guide to Website Hosting

If you have a website, then website hosting is an important matter for you. The details on website hosting can be confusing especially if you are talking with technical people. It is important though that you understand what you are purchasing because a bad website hosting choice can result in slow websites, lousy technical support, and security issues. 

A good website host will give your website an equally good user interaction with potential clients. To be able to properly index your website for related searches, Googlebot and other search engines, rely on quick access to information and consistency of your website.

Search engines have many issues when it comes to web hosting including:

• Inconsistent times of connection

• Downtimes

• Timeouts

Googlebot keeps an eye on your website even if visitors may not always be on your site thus update times and downtimes are important factors to watch out for when making the choice of which web host to choose. 

Choosing a Website Host for your Law Firm

There are many factors to consider when choosing the website host for your law firm including:


"Is this website host reliable?" Being a reliable and consistent web host is what matters the most. Your potential client may have found you because you have a high rank on the results page of search engines or probably via ads. 

The problem is your web host is not able to provide the required speed to serve your website visitors you will then most likely lose your potential client. It is, therefore, crucial to have a website host that can provide the necessary speed for loading your website. 


Your website can be ruined by hackers or hardware failure. Your website should, therefore, be backed so when these nuisances occur, your website can be quickly restored and immediately go back online.  

It is therefore important that your web host has backup services. You should also have your website offline such as the storage of your website in a USB stick or on your computer. Backup services may also include backing up your website on third party websites. 

Server Uptime

It is important for your website to be up all the time because this will give you the best opportunity to get potential clients. A yearly uptime of 99% is extremely good for shared hosting. 

Good Customer Support

It is important that your web host offers 24/7 customer support through e-mail phones and cats. That is the standard in the web hosting industry. Good customer support should be able to provide professional support should there be a problem. 


The web host provider should be able to secure their network and offer protection against hacking. Your website should have an SSL certificate to ensure the encryption of your potential client's data between your server and their browser.

Bandwidth Allocation

Bandwidth is used to measure maximum data that flows between other users and your website. Higher bandwidth means better connectivity, speed, network, and the system of the web hosting provider.  

BlueHost - is one of the Best Hosting Company for Lawyers’ Website

Bluehost, a web hosting company owned by the Endurance International Group, is one of the largest web hosting providers. Together with its sister companies, iPage, FastDomain, and Hostmonster, they host over two million domains. 

We have found that Bluehost is a good choice for a lawyers’ website because it is affordable and comes with superb features. Each account includes an easy to use 1-click WordPress installation. It also offers a free 30-day trial. 

Here is what your law firm will get should you decide on Bluehost:

• Free domain registration so you can immediately start off because every website should have a great domain. 

• Auto-update of the most stable WordPress version so you are aware of all changes.

• Allows you to access through Microsoft Office 365 your emails from anywhere. 

• Free SSL Certificate to keep website data and that of your potential clients’ safe via encrypted data transmission. 

There are several web hosting companies for lawyers. It is important though that you choose the right web hosting providers for lawyers to maximize the opportunity of getting potential clients through your website.

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