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Looking for ideas on how you can improve your law firm marketing?

Reputation: How do you build your reputation?

Supply Details of Your Customers

Obtain their permission and display their logo on your customer list. If you are just starting, consider doing pro bono work and start building your reputation.

Provide testimonials

Include details of the organization and the name and title of the representative. 'Blind' testimonials do nothing to build your reputation.

Case Studies

Explain the problems faced by the customers and how you fixed their problems, thereby providing value to your customers.

List Customers' Results

Involve your customers (permission-based), use case studies, and testimonials to promote your brand.

Provide High-Quality Content

Provide articles relating to your specialization and keep visitors' attention by adding value. You must continuously comment (articles or blogging) and ask provocative questions, analyze the market, and give your opinion.

Many people are scared that they will make too much information available and that they will then lose the sale.

Make available information in different formats. Supply more than just articles. Have videos and other visual downloads. Different people have different needs as to how they supply and receive information.

Some prefer animated visuals, others like to listen, and yet others prefer reading text. The more relevant the information you give, the more often your prospective customers will return to your website, and then, gradually, you can form a relationship with your customers.

Involve your customers as they often feel good about providing feedback and testimonials, and they feel vital that you include them on your website. Engage and interact with your customers on an ongoing basis. The more regular you stay in touch with clients and prospective patrons, the more likely they are to brief you with instructions when they need your services.

Respond to every inquiry, for potential, or from existing businesses. Try and reply to queries within four hours of receipt - within the standard working day.

Do not ignore negative publicity. If you messed up, take responsibility; apologise sincerely; then fix the problem as best you can – that means effectively, thoroughly, and quickly.

Be aware that customers often complain because they do not understand the legal process. Take the time to explain to them what is going on. If a matter is a lengthy process, then give valid reasons for the delays.

If a complaint is unfounded, explain the situation objectively to your complainant.

Your website, blog, and social networking efforts must project the same, consistent, and confident message.

Nothing scares off a prospective customer as quickly as mixed messages. You will come across as a flake – someone who is unreliable and insecure.

When your message is righteous, reliable, and straightforward, you will appear trustworthy and honorable – thus, the more you can charge.

Team, Talent, and Target

Team and Talent

First, you want to start small and not outsource this if you can help it. Some of the apparent reasons for this is it keeps the costs down and gives you better control.

An in-house team means that you can always be hands-on – and often, that is essential.

So, you next need to look and see who you have in your firm that can be responsible for this? It would be best if you had someone that understands web designing and web development.

At the very least, they should be able to upload articles, images, etc., it would help if they could also assist with or handle the SEO side of things. It would be best if you also had an excellent copywriter – otherwise, you will have to outsource this function, and often, a lot gets lost 'in the translation' of exactly what you wanted to say.

Obviously, you need at least one person who knows the law – so someone from your legal team. This person would probably be your 'quality controller' for the content of the website. They would be responsible so that nothing 'unseemly' or legally incorrect appeared.

Next, probably someone who is good with admin and can see to the daily running of this, ensuring deadlines are met, details are dealt with, and being responsible for the business development end of things so that the site remains pointed in the right direction. These four people will be your team.


Now you must take an objective look at your Law Practice and decide on the following issues: What are your firm's areas of Speciality? In what fields of law do your Attorneys excel?

Does your firm have anything that makes it stand out from its competitors? Based on the answers to the above three questions, you can now safely examine your Law Firm's actual business goals.

The 'target market' of your Law Firm – i.e., the type of Clients you wish to attract. Finally, having arrived at all of the above answers, you can now decide on Your' modus operandi', i.e., how you will conduct your method of practicing law.

How you will streamline your staff so that their daily operation is better tailored to the needs of the target market – clients – you wish to attract. There are no two Law Firms alike.

Once you have established who you are, what you want, where you are going, and how to get there, a good deal of the 'hard work' is over, and you are ready to go into action.

Working Your Website!

Landing Page, SEO & Ratings Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page is really important. Tell the world out there where you are are; how to contact you; talk about your areas of expertise and other essentials you feel the Clients should know.

Keep it simple and necessary at the outset, and you can build on this later. This identifies your Law Firm and gets attention from the search engines – which will build up in the future. It will drive visitors to your site, and you can eventually refine the content, use keywords and descriptions, and get good ratings.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly known is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a specific website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Search Engines function by referring users to websites and content that is most relevant to what the user is looking for. Relevancy is determined by various factors such as content, links, performance, reputation, user experience, and the overall theme of your site.

As your website improves, it becomes more refined and populated with new content – so the SEO schedule can progress to the next level.

Eighty-two percent of consumers search online before meeting with an attorney according to It is therefore essential to not only ensure that you have a website, but you have to have a great website that speaks to your clients and prospective clients.


Nothing shouts credibility quite as well as ratings. When you have evidence that others trust you, it speaks well of your Law Practice and makes prospective clients want to avail themselves of your tried and dependable services. So, ratings can really put you on the map in a big way.

Get your Law Firm listed on a comprehensive website describing Attorneys and their specialized services. This is also an aid to help potential clients decide when choosing the correct Attorney for their particular matter.

When Attorneys' credentials are validated on credible websites, their ratings also improve, and their image is elevated up and out of the standard competition. Once you have attained good ratings – show them!

On other websites, on your website, on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can think of. Ratings on websites are like gold stars at school – something to be proud of and show off about!

Have a Great Working Website!

Visibility and Personality

Here is where it is a good idea to develop a profile on each of the Attorneys. An Attorney profile/biography should be such that the reader feels compelled to click on it and read more.

Thus, it should contain the Attorney's photograph, their qualifications, areas of expertise, an outline of their experience and successes, and also something about their personality that speaks of them as real people as opposed to being legal robots.


The profile of the Law Firm itself needs to be handled in such a way that it not only contains necessary information but also should also highlight how it deals with the needs of its Clientele. Let your firm develop a personality while drawing attention to its professional expertise, various successes, and work ethic.

Submission of Legal Articles

These articles bearing the name of your Attorneys, and therefore, your Law Firm, will give your firm more visibility. You will also benefit from credibility and, of course, the cherry on top is that gives you Firm a personality that no other Firm enjoys!

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