How Solo Lawyers Can Create Powerful Legal Marketing Content That Attracts New Clients

How Solo Lawyers Can Create Powerful Legal Marketing Content That Attracts New Clients


How Solo Lawyers Can Create Powerful Legal Marketing Content That Attracts New Clients

There’s talk that with all the whizz bang effects we can create on our PCs – it’s often not enough for marketing purposes. Recently, we’ve also heard chatter, that writing original articles is good, and better yet, is to write long original articles!

Second Time Around is Not the Right Way

Don’t write someone else’s articles – no matter how good you thought they were! Second time around is not original and you can be penalised for being a copycat! – just like at school when we were kids and most of us did copy each other’s work!

So now we say ‘good on ya’ and proceed to create our own article upon which other people perve and use parts of it in their own work and get punished for it!

Copy Cat, Can’t

The thing of it is, if someone copies your work the best thing is to be silent. If you speak about it, you’re giving that law firm more publicity; if you decide to take them to Court for it, that firm will get even more publicity! So best stay silent, move on and do nothing; just ignore it completely and do something better.

Not only must your new article be all in your own words but, it must also be interesting, informative and correct. It cannot be something that doesn’t work, won’t work, and can’t be made to work. It must be something that works well already, could work better, and would work even better if you tried other things with it!

Original, Nervous and Self Conscious

Let go back and discuss the original part of it. I think that’s the powerful part. You must write an original article probably on a well-worn subject. However, that’s not so hard. The sentence “In order to avoid innuendo” isn’t all over the page. You don’t often bump into it because people as disinclined to write it. So that’s something original.

Another part people like writing is “I would like to introduce you to my wife who…”
Why not rather say “I now introduce you to my wife…” don’t you think that’s quicker and smoother?

Many people are nervous and self-conscious – they don’t like public speaking and find it very disconcerting. Therefore, when they have to do this for some occasion or other; their real work take a back seat whilst they practice their speeches and waste their firm’s time.

Rehearsed Speeches Are Horrid

Frankly I think rehearsed speeches are horrid. Rather stand up and say “Mr Benson can probably explain it better and faster in two sentences – so I’ll leave it to him”. (That is so well done; and get’s you out of an awkward situation. By the way, Mr Benson is grinning from ear to ear with the subtle compliment you’ve just paid to him – so it all worked out and was quite original!)

I remember Barry Castle and I cribbing from Jessica White’s work and that worked out perfectly well until it was discovered. We were kids of eight years old. They made him bend over (that’s the only time Barry liked books), but I was a young lady so, no bending over for me. I sat in detention class and wrote “I will not crib again, ever” about six hundred times or something.

Don’t Mention It – It’s Not Original

These days I still remember that event; but this is one of the few times I’ve ever mentioned it since. Needless to say, Barry got a Sports Scholarship and I did English Language!

Thinking about it today, I doubt very much if that little scenario is all that original!

Personally speaking, I think people crib because they don’t have enough confidence in themselves or their ability. They don’t realise what’s inside them and how good they really could be if they gave themselves a chance.

Wives Will Be Wives When they Do All the Talking

We look at John Corman - whose the top salesman of some firm - and he throws his hands up and say’s “let’s give Janice a chance”; she gives him the stink eye and asks “why me” they’re married of course and he was just going to say ‘because you do all the talking’. But he caught himself just in time and said ‘Because you know more about those things Sweetheart’ No longer shocked she accepted the false compliment and launched herself into lift off into the subject in such an accomplished manner that Cape Canaveral would have been proud!  

To create powerful legal marketing content, you must be 100% original. Although people cringe when they learn that, they know it’s true and, it’s a whole lot easier than you might think at first. I write about this Law Firm. We are original. We don’t always do the things we think might we expected of us. We certainly do the best we can, and we do many things that were not expected of us but we discovered we could do really well – and better than a whole bunch of other people. That’s what make us so interesting and so original. We’re always willing to try something different and we never quit!

Something Personal About Clients or Firms

Clients want to know something personal about the members of the firms that are working for them. Nowadays I suppose it’s perfectly normal but that sort of information has to be release quite carefully.

You can’t just write ‘one of the directors had a fight with his wife last night’. I don’t think anyone would want to know; not unless you gave them the details!

There are some firms who will quite happily discuss their clients and their client’s preferences – but I’m taking about models and actors. As we’re a Law Firm there is absolutely no possibility that we’ll ever even mention a client’s name into front of anyone.

Free Publicity is not a Regular

Your Client could be Engelbert the Rumanian Champion but he won’t ever be mentioned. She could be Christelle the Queen of the Clouds. Frankly it could even be Bertie and his five frauds – would we know? Absolutely not. Because no-one would be talking about it. We wouldn’t talk about the Clients or the Attorney handling the matter because, as I said earlier, free publicity is not something we often do.

We could talk about the fact that we encourage our Clients to make an appointment to see our Practice Manager for half an hour a month – just make an appointment and have a cup of tea and discuss those things you’ve been meaning to ask about for a long time yet never do. That meeting will be free…no charge…. now that’s interesting.

Covid-19 – More than a Nasty Surprise

Covid – 19 has taken us all by very unpleasant surprise. We’re talking of original and the Coronovirus itself is quite original and not been heard of or suffered from before.

This has had more impact across the world, with more complications and more deaths than any other in a very long time.

Looking at the positive side – if there is one; it’s given us time to go through our files; get really up to date of where we are; and plan some different and good ideas for the future, for our Clients. We’ve overhauled this, and rearranged that; we’ve redesigned and reconstructed something else and we’ve taken the time to be business ready when the lockdown is lifted. Our Boardrooms are polished to a beautiful shine as we’re having most of our video consults with our Clients in our own offices.

Our Clients prefer this for the time being, as they get to see just a little bit more of our firm, i.e. the inside of our Attorneys’ offices. I think it makes them feel a little more comfortable and they’re re-assured that they and their matter are still being taken care of.

Photos of Children Wearing Masks and Gloves
There are often photographs of children wearing masks and gloves and these photos are on both desks of the Attorney and the Client and it’s obvious that a very short mention of this takes place during the consult, helping our Clients to feel even more relaxed and comfortable during the consult.

Our Firm offers an incredibly personalised and top service to our Clients. Every Client should be made to feel special and be paid the sort of special attention that they should have. One can never take another for granted – and especially is the case with a Law Firm and a Client.

Free Meetings for Our Clients

A few paragraphs up, I spoke of free visits to our Practice Manager. I should have mentioned that during these meetings we can also be joined by the bookkeeper, or an Attorney, or even Martin himself if it is deemed necessary.

If you are not happy with the service you’re receiving, we can even change the Attorney who is currently handling your matter. Our concern is that you are comfortable with our firm and the manner in which we are handling things for you.

The Free Advice We Can Give you Here

There is advice we can give you. When you enter the premises of our firm you will find yourself in the reception area. It’s a good thing at that point to tell the receptionist who you are and who you’re here to see; after that you can discuss the weather. I’ll tell you why.

There’s another Firm of Attorneys quite nearby to us. People don’t check our name anymore than they check the name of the other Attorneys. Sometimes they’re in the wrong place – and that mistake is easily made; however, the Client tells you off for wasting their time! That a sensitive one as our name is on the door and we’re asking the Client who is there appointment with? Oh well, if everything played out right, we’d have nothing to complain about.

The Reception Has Been Take Over

It looks like half of the Reception area of our firm has been taken over by Covid-19! We have the hand sanitiser bottle; we have the very expensive (well over R1000) thermometer to take your temperature. There are tissues, gloves – in a lovely shade of blue, fresh air spray and, there are lovely well-designed squares telling you where to find everything. Really! It looks very professional.

I think you’ll probably find similar in every other private office and the boardrooms have a small array of things in the centre of each table, even the smallest ‘offices’ in the building are properly equipped.

None of this can be original; as we’ve all been instructed to more or less do the same!
However, It’s nice to see that (almost) everyone is doing their part to help out and obey all the rules.

It’s a great thing that the countries of the world came together and united against this Covid-19 destroyer.

We Are Still The Same

We haven’t changed at all in this time. We come to work and do our jobs. Those Clients who visit for consult are looked after and the same for those who skype consult. We are looking forward to seeing more of our Clients again and helping them with their legal  matters and remaining being able to give the best service as ever!

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