Law Firm SEO Strategy - 7 Tips to Grow Your Website Traffic & Leads

Law Firm SEO Strategy - 7 Tips to Grow Your Website Traffic & Leads


Law Firm SEO Strategy - 7 Tips to Grow Your Website Traffic & Leads

The legal field has become too saturated and the trend will continue in the next ten years or so. This trend will result in law firms facing stiff competition in getting new clients. Law firms should, therefore, shift marketing strategies and work with the best SEO Marketing Law Firm.

You will agree that during the past years, finding new clients for your law firm was a lot simpler. You relied mostly on referrals, billboards, television, and print ads to get a steady stream of new clients and these strategies worked just fine.

The game of getting new clients has tremendously changed. Your prospective clients are now spending at least 8 hours a day browsing the Internet when they need a lawyer.

Over 95% of your prospective clients now search on Google instead of the Yellow Pages to find a lawyer. They also prefer getting answers to their questions and reading about your law firm from online articles instead of from print or TV ads, and billboards.

With these said, your law firm needs to implement these marketing strategies to get the clients you need to outrank the competition and keep your law firm afloat:

  • Build a website to function as your round-the-clock sales representative.

  • Invest in Lawyer SEO

  • Do more than just have a website with Pay per Click (PPC), video marketing, local SEO, and social media

  • Oversee your law firm’s reputation

  • Track, measure and animalize marketing efforts

Your law firm needs to leverage these marketing strategies to get a steady stream of new clients.

Traditional Marketing vs SEO

A law firm is a business and therefore needs a marketing plan.

  • Traditional Marketing Plan

Traditional marketing includes strategies such as direct mail, print and television ads, business cards, networking, cold calling, and other marketing strategies to get new clients.

Traditional marketing strategies have worked well in generating new clients for law firms as far back as anyone can remember. With the emergence of new marketing strategies, traditional marketing has been found to come with many handicaps:

  • Requires continuous investment on networking, ads and other methods that can impact your law firm’s budget.

  • Your ad is seen by everyone thus it can be difficult to measure its success and return on investment (ROI).

  • Reach out to an audience who may or may not need legal services at that particular time and may not remember your law firm at the time when they need a lawyer.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. This is done by increasing your website’s visibility on search engines, most notably Google. SEO drives organic traffic and excludes online paid advertisements.

SEO, when properly done by Attorney SEO Services, comes with these benefits:

  • It is a one-time set-up. Once the website of your law firm has been optimized for specific search terms and keywords, it will always appear on the top spot of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You just need to make sure your website always has fresh and quality content.

  • You will be able to attract relevant and organic traffic who will most likely hire your legal services when you can provide a solution to their needs.

  • It allows you to immediately see which strategy is working thus you will be able to tweak and re-optimize your website without much cost.

  • Leads generated through SEO have a high rate of being converted into actual clients.

  • SEO focuses on educating prospective clients about your legal services thus making it easier for them to find you when they need your legal services.

It is worthwhile to invest money and time on SEO because 80% of your prospective clients will search online to find you and 20% will find you through referrals and other traditional marketing strategies.

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

SEO for law firms is not that difficult to achieve. A website is a major component of SEO. The SEO process for your law firm website involves:

  • Website technical optimization allowing it to communicate with search engines.

  • Your website should pass the right signals to rank high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

In short, SEO aims to make your website get a higher rank in SERPS for specific terms and keywords than competitors in the same area.

For example, your law firm specializes in corporate law in San Francisco, California. When someone types those search terms, over 7 million results will appear. Most people will not have the time to browse through the results and will usually just focus on the first-page result. 

If your website appears on the first page of Google search results pages, your law firm has better chances of getting more traffic to your website, more leads, more inquiries, more prospective clients, and therefore more actual clients.

In this regard, optimizing your website has been proven to be one of the best ways to improve the online visibility of your law firm and connect to more prospective clients. Attorney SEO Services works to find the correct keywords and phrases for your law firm.

A website is built to attract traffic and leads to your business. If you want your law firm to survive and thrive, it is important to have a consistent flow of new clients. There are many ways to promote your law firm website, but the best way to be found by your prospective clients online is to invest in Lawyer SEO.

Once the search engine optimization of your website is in place, you are assured of more organic traffic from search engines to your website. More traffic to your website will give you more chances of getting new clients without the need to spend so much on advertising.

Getting new clients is a common problem in most law firms. Getting quality leads has become harder to find. Search engine optimization helps your law firm get quality leads online at an affordable cost increasing your bottom line.

Tips to Grow Website Traffic and Leads

You may have already realized that your legal education does not come close to your actual practice of law. In law school, you learn about all the areas of law but you were not taught how to find clients.

Many law firms are today marketing their services online. Growing your website traffic and leads is crucial if you want your law firm to stand out from the crowd, and to be easily found by your potential clients.

Legal services are one of the most competitive and saturated industries online and many law firms are at a loss when it comes to digital marketing. One thing is sure though, many law firms are now aware of the importance of SEO for law firms.

The thing is many law firms are not aware of the strategies that work the best for law firms.  Truth to say, no one strategy works best for all law firms. There is a wide range of strategies that can help your law firm have a consistent flow of new clients.

Here are some tips on how to grow your law firm website traffic and leads through SEO and in turn boost the growth of your law firm.

1. Build an Appealing Website

The website of your law firm is the heart of your digital marketing campaign.  Your law firm website is the main hub that will connect all your marketing efforts. If your law firm does not yet have a website, you are giving your competitors a huge edge over your law firm.

Having a website gives your law firm more credibility. Over 55% of consumers say they are most likely not to trust a business without a website and over 80% of these consumers search online before deciding to buy.

It is not just a matter of building a website. Your law firm website should have these elements: 

  • Simple and Pleasing to the Eye

The first impression always lasts and it is the best impression. There are many law firms with their websites. A person visiting your website expects to find a web design is pleasing to the eye with these elements:

  • Text is at the right spots on every page

  • Web design should complement the core services of your law firm

  • Websites should be easy to navigate.

The color scheme of your website should also suit your legal services and tone of writing.

  • List the Core Practice Areas of Your Law Firm

The menu of your website should include the actual area of practice of your law firm for easy navigation. Search engines scan web pages that are included in a website's menu and list them as the main services of your website. This helps boost your website's ranking for the relevant keywords you are targeting.

  • Create a Landing Page that Communicates with your Target Audience

The landing page is what your visitor will see first when they click on the link of your website. Your landing page should make visitors feel they will get the legal help they are seeking. Your landing page should, therefore, include the legal services of your law firm and the value you provide.

Your landing page should include a compelling headline, provide value, be easy to navigate, have an effective copy, and a clear call to action so your potential customers will know what he should do next.

2. Have a Properly Set-up Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are at the heart of the Internet. People who need any information always hit search engines to get the information they need.

The aim of the best SEO Marketing Law Firm is to get your website a top spot on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Great web design and brilliant content will only reach your targeted audience when your website is at least on the first page of SERPs for law firms.

When potential clients search for a law firm, they tend to only focus on the first 3 or 4 results on the SERPs. SEO will make your law firm’s website easily accessible when potential clients search for a lawyer in your area.

You are aware by now that SEO organizes and optimizes the content of your website so it can easily be found by search engines. Information on your website is then categorized and included in the database of a search engine.

A properly implemented SEO is based on:

  • Relevant Keywords. These are words or phrases that describe the content of a page. Focus keywords are those that match what the target audience would type on the search engine when searching for information.

  • Meta Description.  This is a summary of the content of a page. It should be accurate, contain the focus keywords of the page, and should not exceed more than 160 characters. 

  • URL Structure.   A URL is the address of a web page. The URL is what search engines use when determining the relevance of a web page vis-à-vis a specific search term. URLs should be, should be simple, relevant, accurate, and compelling.

  • Title tags. These are the HTML elements that show the title of the document. It is displayed on the page bar or title bar of the browser. They should be accurate, including the focus keywords of the page, and not longer than 60 characters.

  • Page Content.  This is the information found on a website. It includes text, multimedia, and links. The page content is an important factor in determining the ranking of a website in SERPs and should, therefore, be the focus of every SEO strategy.

  • Robots.txt file. This is the file found on a website that instructs search engine crawlers (web robots) on how to crawl the website's pages. This allows a webmaster to inform a search engine on which content is relevant and which should be ignored.

Search engine optimization of the website of your law firm should include:

  • Brand Optimization. This deals with the image and reputation of your law firm website.  This includes communicating in a personalized tone the Mission Statement of your law firm. The contact information including the address of your law firm should be easy to find. Brand optimization will keep your website on the top spot of search results for law firms.

  • Responsive Web Design.  This entails the coding of a website to change its layout to make it applicable on screens with different resolutions and widths. This allows a website to look and behave similarly on all devices (e.g. PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones).

  • Page Speed. This is the amount of time it takes a browser to load your web page. The loading speed of your web page is an important Google ranking factor.  Loading speeds of web pages can be improved through a fast web host, the use of a content distribution network (CDN), and optimizing images.

  • Mobile Optimization. It is expected that in 2025, over 70% of web traffic will come from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). Thus your law firm website must be mobile-optimized especially so that Google emphasizes mobile-first indexing.

3. Engage in Communication and Messaging

Communication and messaging have always been part of good marketing. They remain true even with the shift to digital marketing. What has changed is the manner of going about communication and messaging.

Today, law firms use social media, live chat, and email marketing to communicate and message potential clients online.

  • Social Media

Social media has become such a big thing today. Almost all businesses have a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest and YouTube.

Facebook has the largest audience of all social media platforms. Facebook ads can target a specific niche. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube can make you communicate your specific message. LinkedIn, on the other hand, connects your law firm to other professionals on the platform.

These social media platforms allow your law firm to message and reply to the responses of your potential clients. Potential clients usually want to engage in a conversation with law firms with legal services they want to hire. Social media platforms, therefore, provide a platform for your law firm to interact with potential clients.

Social media also allows the exposure of the area of law expertise of your law firm. It allows you to show potential clients how to deal with any legal issue. Proper interaction with potential clients will let them know that they are dealing with an expert.

  • Live Chat

Adding live chat on your website allows your law firm to immediately answer queries from potential clients. Live chats also give your potential clients someone to look for when they decide to come to your law firm office. The great thing about live chats is they can easily turn a website visitor into a lead.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep in constant touch with former clients so you can get reviews and referrals. Email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) because of its low cost and highly targeted audience.

More often, when someone provides his email address to a law firm, this means that he is interested to hear from them. Sending week, monthly or quarterly newsletters allow your law firm to keep former clients informed of the latest goings-on in your law firm. This will keep your law firm at the top of their minds when they once again need legal services.

4. Create Relevant Content

Creating quality content allows you to show your area of law expertise to a wider audience including the Search Engine Algorithms. High-quality content will attract more readers. More readers of your content will signal search engines and web users that your content and website provide value.

Potential clients want to believe that the lawyer to choose to handle their legal issue will be able to resolve it and come out ahead. Relevant content in the form of blogs and videos in your law firm website will clearly show that your law firm is an expert thereby stabilizing credibility.

It is important to consistently create relevant content on your website catering to the needs of your potential clients. Consistent relevant content also allows the search engine Google to read through your website.  The same holds with videos.  Google likes videos and will most likely feature your website on the first page of the result page each time you upload a new video.

5. Have a Relevant Presence in Legal Directories

Being listed on Legal Directories and raising your law firm profile helps increase traffic to your website because it improves search engine optimization. Many people seeking legal services online often type “the best law firm…” This is where Legal Directories pop up on search results pages.

It is a smart move for your law firm to get citations in as many Legal Directories as you can find. The more citations your law firm gets, the more chances your website has to land in the top 3 local search results on Google.

6. Advertise on Search Engines

Advertising on Google and Bing will help to a large extent generate traffic and leads for your law firm website.

  • Google AdWords. A well-optimized and implemented Google AdWorks campaign can send droves of high-quality traffic to your website. A Lawyer SEO USA can bid for the right keywords in each geolocation to be in front of your target audience.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC). Choosing the right keywords is essential for a successful PPC campaign. You pay the search engine a certain amount each time a user clicks on the link of your website. PPC advertising allows your website to get more traffic and leads based on relevant keywords.

7. Give a High Regard on Reviews and Feedbacks from Clients

Reviews and feedback contribute tremendously to the success of the digital marketing campaign of your law firm. Over 85% of consumers rely on reviews and feedback before making the buying decision. This is also true with potential clients seeking legal services.

Potential clients want to know from former clients the experience they had with your law firm. You can include a review and feedback mechanism within your website. You can also encourage your past clients to post reviews and feedback on their experience with your law firm in reliable reviews and feedback sites. 

People always want to see the kind of work your law firm does before deciding to hire you. A well-designed website and getting a top spot in search engine results pages will keep your law firm in front of potential clients at the exact time they need your legal services.

A top stop in search engine results pages for your website gives your law firm a lot of credibility. Google and other search engines have stringent requirements for a website to land in the top spot of their result pages.

The best SEO Marketing Services will properly implement same to ensure your website generates high-quality traffic and leads to make sure your law firm gets a steady flow of new clients.

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