How to Increase Your Law Firm’s Leads and Conversions

How to Increase Your Law Firm’s Leads and Conversions


How to Increase Your Law Firm’s Leads and Conversions

Lawyers are always trying to more get more leads, and they are willing to spend a lot of money obtaining getting those leads. Unfortunately, for a lot of law firms, after they procure the leads, they do not, usually, take the correct steps to convert the newly acquired leads. 

It is becoming more difficult to convert clients as they have such a big choice of law firms. Clients may find your website and make an enquiry. That same client may not even know the name of the law firm that they have dialed, as they have phoned many law firms on that day to find out about the lawyers’ hourly rates.

In our experience, the regular consumer lawyer, manages to convert around ten to fifteen percent of leads. Think about that. If you get 100 enquiries, you only convert ten to fifteen of those enquiries into actual clients.

Now imagine a world, where you double or triple your conversion rate without paying more for leads.

Your overheads remain the same, but you have way more work every month. If you are a solo practitioner, you can appoint more staff, and grow your firm, or you can become more selective accepting new instructions – at higher hourly rates.

This article deals with different ways that your website can be used more effectively and how you can get better conversions on those leads.

Make Your Website Work Harder:

1. Your website must be well designed, easy to use and have clear navigation. Your layout must also be consistent and well organized.

2. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Google announced that mobile friendliness is one of their key ranking factors as the majority of searches are moving to mobile devices. You want to be on the device that your users are using. If your website shows properly on mobile devices, it automatically builds trust vs a competitor’s website that is not mobile friendly.  

3. Make your value proposition clear. Visitors must immediately see why they should do business with you. The homepage or landing page must immediately show the benefits of using your law firm vs another law firm.

4. The homepage is likely the most important web real estate that your law firm owns. You probably spend a lot of money and time promoting this page as it should speak directly to your audience and less about your law firm.

5. Call-to-action (CTA); firstly, you need to have strategically placed CTA on all your webpages. People do not want to look for your phone number and for other ways to contact you. CTA buttons is one of the most important design aspects on your site. A site without CTA’s will have a much lower conversion rate compared to a site with optimized CTA’s.

6. Use live chat – many people prefer using live chat as they do not want their spouse or colleagues to know they are consulting with a lawyer. Also, it is very popular as it provides for immediate responses.

7. Make sure that your website is fast: Google conducted research in 2018 and according to them 53% of mobile users leaves a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Keep your visitors engaged, reduce the bounce rates to get more leads and conversions.

8. Client testimonials and reviews are important as it builds trust. Potential clients want to know that their lawyer knows what they do. Positive reviews reassure people that they are making the right choice.

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4 Tips to Convert More of Your Law Firm Leads

1. Decide Who Will Deal with the Incoming Leads.

It is a mistake to let everyone in the law firm deal with incoming leads. Not everyone is suited for this position and lawyers and paralegals are often too busy with urgent work and cannot allocate the required time to deal with leads.

The person that has the responsibility to deal with the incoming leads must be trained in sales and must be comfortable selling over the phone or live chat.

If you have a solo firm with just a secretary or it is just you, it is a good idea to attend a short course on how to sell over the phone. This will be immensely beneficial as not many people have the natural gift of selling.

There are many short courses that can be attended to learn how to sell over the phone.

2. Persistence and Speed Dealing with Leads Is an Absolute Must.

Selling is not easy, and it takes hard work on a consistent basis to be successful. Your salesperson must be willing to not give up on leads easily and to be prompt in responding and follow ups.

Nobody wants to follow up continuously and make a nuisance of themselves.

It is therefore necessary to look at best practice and the way that successful law firms and other businesses do their intakes and follow ups. conducted a study that has the following findings:

“Major takeaways from this recent research include:

(1) speed-to-call is the single largest driver of lead conversion,

(2) calling inquiries six times is the best way to achieve optimal conversion rates,

(3) conversion rates can be further increased by properly timing contact attempts, and

(4) combining the recommended call strategy with an optimal email strategy can yield exceptional results”.

One of the most amazing findings made by them is that a simple phone call that is made within 1 minute from the time that the lead is generated increases the likelihood of conversion by 400%!

According to the Harvard Business Review, those that respond within an hour
of inquiry are seven times more likely to get a response from and qualify that lead.

It is clear from the research that you need to respond fast to any lead – the faster the better. Foster an environment or urgency. 

Your salesperson must call the lead at least at six times, but even more if they
can keep the lines of communication open.


3. Streamline the Process

For your law firm to have more conversions and be more successful, you need to streamline the follow up and conversion process. The process must happen automatically with your salesperson actively tracking the leads and following up on the leads.

Be analytical in your approach and use technology to get the best results. The moment a new lead arrives – via telephone, live chat, email or in person, the time starts running to convert that lead.

Ideally, add the lead to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program so that you have all the leads in one place. With most CRM programs, you will be able to manage, track and monitor the leads from start to finish.

Track every lead and make sure that you have a workflow process in place to deal with that lead.

This process includes getting information about the prospective client, obtain things such as their name, surname, contact details, email address. Also make sure that the lead is the right fit for your firm and that you can assist the client.

4. Add the Human Touch and add Value

Even though we advocate the use of technology, always remember that we deal with humans – even if it is for commercial matters. Do not only email your leads. Your salesperson must also phone the lead as the personal touch is very important in the conversion process.

It is much easier for people to say no to you in an email, than it is to say no to you in person or on the phone.

Supply free information to the leads. You can offer free guidelines, explanation of the legal processes involved or other information to prospects. Do not think that the person will go and do their own legal work. They are contacting you for a reason. By adding value, you build trust, and it sets you apart from the competition, which will result in higher conversions.  


Make someone responsible for dealing with leads and make sure that they are trained how to sell your law firms’ services.

Then create a system or process to deal with those leads. Track and analyze those leads so that you know what works best.

Speed and Persistence is key, and leads must be contacted many times as this increase conversion rates drastically.

Create processes such as automated emails to stay in touch with these leads by providing value to them.

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