Why Law Firms Need SEO

Why Law Firms Need SEO


Why Law Firms Need SEO

What do you think the most successful criminal defense, DUI, and personal injury law firms in the U.S. have in common? They most likely have a dominant presence on the Internet because of Attorney SEO Professional Services in the USA.

Your law firm most likely has a website. Just like any other website owner you want your site to be easily found on the Internet by those who need legal assistance. You have probably read about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but are not aware of what SEO Law Firms in the USA can do for the website of your law firm.

As lawyers, digital marketing seldom crosses your mind, much less SEO. The point is, not giving much attention to this important business practice will reduce your chances of having a steady stream of clients.

The Difference between SEO and Traditional Marketing

Law firms should no longer just rely on traditional marketing techniques (print and TV ads, business cards, direct mail, and cold calling) to gain new clients. Today, presence on the Internet plays a crucial role in growing your law firm.

Digital marketing and Law Firms SEO in USA has overtaken traditional marketing in terms of getting new clients for your law firm. Why is that so?

Traditional marketing includes such activities as:

  • Allows you to reach out to clients

  • Sending out promotional and advertising messages

  •  Deals with one-on-one communication

  • Focuses on relaying  legal services

  • Difficult to measure Return on Investment (ROI)

SEO includes such activities as:

  • Aids in attracting clients

  • Attracts relevant  interest from prospective clients

  • Does not entail much human contact

  • Focuses on education about legal services

  • Easy of measuring Return on Investment (ROI)

The Search Engine Journal says that as compared to the paid advertisement and direct mail, Lawyer SEO Agency USA does a better job not only in generating leads for your law firm but has a higher closing rate.

Why Law Firms Need SEO

SEO is a thriving industry that aims to help businesses improve their ranking in search engines, mainly in Google.

SEO for Lawyers SA is important for law firms to earn a high rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Without SEO it could take months, sometimes years for your law firm’s website to rank. Even so, it may perhaps be for only one or two keywords.

Why may you ask, does your firm's website need to have a high rank on SERPs and therefore need SEO?

1. Potential Clients find Legal Representation through Search Engines

Referrals from past clients will always remain one of the methods to generate new clients. However, you cannot expect to rely just on referrals to grow your law firm. Most people rely on search engines when they need a lawyer, thus your law firm needs to be visible on SERPs.

2. SEO places your Law Firm on the Top Spot of Search Engines

Just like any business your law firm needs a steady flow of new clients to grow and survive. Of course, your law firm can use any of the proven traditional marketing techniques to generate new clients. None of these traditional marketing techniques, however, can compete with the power of being found by potential clients through organic search.

Attracting prospective clients to your law firm rather than reaching out to them yourself means they are more eager and interested in your legal services.

The physical location of your law firm is immaterial. When people search for legal representation in your area, they will be able to find you if your law firm pops up when they search online for a law firm they want to hire.

The American Bar Association (ABA) Journal says one-third of people who need legal advice start searching for a lawyer through eBooks, Blogs, Informatics, Podcasts, and even social media. These resources can be found online.

This is where the Best SEO Marketing Law Firms USA comes in. Having a website for your law firm is not a guarantee that prospective clients will find you on the Internet.

You need to rank on the first page of Google search results pages for relevant keywords for prospective clients to find you. This is so because 98% of online searchers will most likely choose a law firm that is on page one of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The importance of being on page one of SERPs is better explained this way:

  • 93% of online users begin their experience with a search engine.

  • 80% of online searchers tend to concentrate more on organic search results rather than on paid ads.

  • 75% of online searchers stop their search on the first page of SERPs.

Having said that, the website of your law firm, therefore, has to be on the top three search results for relevant keywords so you can get the biggest share of the total traffic for a certain keyword. Lawyer SEO USA works to achieve that goal so your law firm's website can be easily found by prospective clients.

3. A Well-Designed Website Means Nothing without SEO

Your law firm invested on a beautifully-designed website with all the whistles and bells. All these are useless if your prospective clients cannot find it. Lawyer SEO Agency USA works to expand the audience of your website by making it rank higher on SERPs.

A good search engine rank will result in more leads and therefore more prospective clients. The higher your website ranks on search engines, the better the chance of your website to generate more clients.

These are what your law firm website aims to achieve:

  • Drive organic and targeted traffic relevant to your law firm.

  • It helps your law firm gain more exposure and visibility on the Internet.

  • Attracts more people to your law firm that will convert to clients.

SEO makes it possible for prospective clients to find your law firm website on the Internet. Despite the benefits SEO brings to your website, many people still believe word of mouth is the most popular and effective form of marketing.

SEO is the word of mouth of the digital age. As compared to traditional word of mouth marketing, SEO is more extensive making it more powerful.

4. Increased Relevant Website Traffic

Website traffic is the number of visitors that visit your website. Relevant website traffic refers to visitors who visit your website for a strategic reason – they have a need for your legal services.

Generating relevant traffic is an obstacle faced by many website owners. Getting thousands of hits for your website is great it is, however relevant traffic that generates the most impact. Proper SEO for Lawyers Sa will make your law firm reach the right persons that can result in an increased number of consultations.

Google handles about 5 billion organic searches per day. If you are using the right keywords for your law firm, your website will get a high rank in the Google SERPs which can generate more prospective clients.

5. SEO makes your Website more Mobile Friendly

Mobile Internet is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing. Smartphone users have reached close to 80% of the total U.S. population. Additionally, more and more people are using their Smartphones and tablets for local searches.

 Many of these searchers are looking for legal representation. SEO makes your law firm website easy to open from your prospective clients’ Smartphones and tablets.

6. Google Prefers Authority Sites

Relevant content is a major factor in search ranking. Valuable, relevant, and genuine content in your law firm's website will help it rank on top of search results. Online searchers, therefore, think that a website that has top rank in SERPs is appropriately authoritative and lower-ranking sites are not as authoritative.

Valuable and good content alone will not ensure a top rank in search engines for your law firm's website. To ensure a top rank, your law firm's website needs to be optimized by an SEO Law Firm SEO.

There are many authority sites that have taken the top spots on the first page of searches related to legal services. SEO works to make your law firm’s website have a top 3 rank amongst local law firms in organic searches.

7. SEO is a Cost-Effective Manner of Getting New Clients

Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are the most common pay searches on the Internet. When you run an AdWords campaign you have made Google another partner in your law firm because, for every click, the search engine takes a share of your profits regardless of whether that click converts into a paying client. 

Attorney SEO Services works to make your law firm's website earn free or organic traffic. Organic traffic is referred to as earned traffic because some amount of time, resources, and effort have been invested to generate a free stream of traffic.

Getting a top rank in search engines because of SEO efforts is more cost-effective than paid traffic. Both types of traffic often yield the same results.

8. High Return on Investments

Competition is stiff in the legal industry. Investing in SEO does not involve a huge sum of money when compared to other digital marketing methods (e.g. PPC advertising, email marketing, social media marketing etc…). While it is more affordable, SEO offers a high return on investment.

9. SEO allows your Law Firm to Beat the Competition

The American Bar Association says that there are over 170,000 lawyers in California. This means competition is stiff and to survive your law firm needs to have a steady flow of clients to represent.

If your law firm specializes in common legal issues such as personal injury, divorce, wills, etc... it can be tough to distinguish your law firm from the rest of the law firms in the area.

While a solid reputation and word-of-mouth referral is important, your law firm will have substantial growth by targeting millions of internet searchers. This strategy is achievable if your law firm website has a high rank in SERPs.

SEO works to attract new clients and establish a market share for your law firm. A high rank in search engine pages will get your site more clicks for more targeted traffic. A high rank will also make your law firm appear more trustworthy to potential clients.

SEO, when done properly will set your law firm above the competition by showing your website at the right time and the right place when prospective clients need a lawyer.

10. SEO Increases Client Conversion

As Lawyer SEO cleverly builds up its work on your website in the USA, you will see your law firm’s website climb up in search rankings. A high search engine rank translates to more targeted traffic and more opportunities to convert these leads into paying clients.

Your SEO program includes not only search engine optimization but conversion rate optimization as well. Conversion rate optimization makes sure that increased traffic to your lawyer website will have a higher rate of lead conversion ultimately leading them to convert into paying clients.

What Does SEO for a Law Firm Include?

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes many intricate details to ensure your law firm website gets a top rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs):

  • Build a beautiful and easy-to-navigate website

  • Using relevant keywords

  • Properly written title tag or meta description

  • Easy-to-read content

  • On-page and off-page optimization

  • Code the website for faster loading

  • Make website mobile-friendly

SEO is not complicated. It just works to make your website rank higher than other law firm websites in the SERPs. How is this done?

  • Picking the right keyword or phrase

A targeted keyword or phrase is what an online searcher would usually type on the search box of a search engine. The ultimate goal of SEO is for your law firm’s website to be found by potential clients and convert them into paying clients.

If your law firm in Los Angeles, California specializes in child custody cases, most prospective clients in your area seeking a child custody lawyer would most likely type “child custody Los Angeles” and they will see a list of law firms and lawyers they can choose from.

If your law firm is on top of that list or at least on the top three of that list, you will get more leads, more inquiries, and eventually more clients.

Other people may also opt to type on the search box these keywords:

  • los angeles child support lawyer

  • loss angeles child custody lawyer

  • top child custody lawyer los angeles

  • child support lawyer los angeles ca

  • child support lawyer in los angeles ca

This means that your law firm’s website should also be optimized with these keywords. Keyword research is done to determine the right keywords for your website. Long-tail keywords (keywords with three or more words) are specific keywords searchers use to find your law firm.

Choosing the right keywords will drive more targeted traffic to your law firm’s website.

SEO is one of the best strategies to drive targeted traffic to the website of your law firm. It will boost the ranking of your website in organic search results. This is so more people will find your law firm’s website.

  • Use Keywords on the pages of your website

After keywords have been selected, they need to be integrated into your website. Google looks for keywords when it crawls your website to understand what your website is all about.

Keywords are integrated into titles, headings, meta descriptions, and body of the pages Integrating keywords and long-tail keywords into your website will make your site rank higher for those results.

Create content

Creating relevant content contributes a lot to boost the search engine ranking of your law firm's website. Content includes blogs, eBooks, Infographics, videos, and any downloadable content. The objective is to provide content that provides your website visitors with the information they need.

Your content should be specific to the legal services provided by your law firm. This will drive targeted traffic to your website and generate credible leads. Relevant content keeps people on your website longer.

When Google sees that many people are spending more time on your website, they will believe that you have valuable information for your visitors. Google will, in turn, give your website a higher rank. A higher rank will generate more leads to your website.

When people check information, they will check what your law firm has to offer. This will lead them to get in touch with your law firm.

  • Update Content

For content marketing to be successful, many blogs and other content must be present on your website. Content should be updated and current to keep them relevant. Updated content contains new information that will engage your website visitors. Updated content also increases organic traffic.

  • Earn Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial in SEO. Earning backlinks helps your website get a higher ranking in search engines. Backlinks are links your law firm website gets from other credible sites.

When you post relevant information on your website, other credible sites may link to your content on their own website. This will lead visitors to their website to your own website...

  • Look at the Competition

The competition needs to be checked and analyzed when trying to rank for a specific keyword. Your law firm is not the only one trying to get a higher rank in search engine results pages. Search Google using your keywords and long-tail keywords and check the law firms that pop up.

Check and analyze the pages of your competitors and figure out how you can be ahead of them.

  • Use Videos

Videos are one of the best contents for your website to generate leads. YouTube is steadily rising in popularity and is starting to be a crucial part of digital marketing. Close to 65% of Internet users view YouTube videos. With this in mind, it is important that you incorporate videos on your website.

Videos are a great way to engage your audience because they are more interesting and entertaining than text. Videos on your website increase by over 50% the chances of your website to land on the first page of Google results because viewers are engaged and kept on your page longer.

  • Make sure Page is Running Fast

Internet searchers will leave your website when it is slow to load and move to the website of your competitor. This will cause an increase in your bounce rate. A high bounce rate lowers the chances of your website to get a higher rank in search engine pages.

When your page loads fast, you lower or eliminate bounce rates, and keep your lead on your page. A fast loading page also gives your visitors a better experience.

Every law firm that wants to grow its business should use the Best SEO Marketing Law Firm in the USA. SEO is no longer just an option to increase revenue, it is as a matter of fact one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.

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