How To Market Your Family Law Firm

How To Market Your Family Law Firm


How To Market Your Family Law Firm

A home is a representation of love and hope. Each family is given the chance to cherish and share special moments at home.

However, a family is never perfect and some challenges may occur along the way. The challenges may impact the lives of the parents and even their children.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, there are 73.7 million children under 18 years old that live with both of their parents.

The 23% of the population of children live with the second most dominant family arrangement that is for single mothers. 

In 2010, it was recorded that one out of three children in the UK is living without a mother or father. Most of the children rarely see their missing parent which is devastating to consider.

A family is considered to be the basic unit of society. Since, the values, good character, and the strength of an individual are being uplifted first in every family.

The family serves as the breeding ground for great leaders and strong citizens. Parents are the first teachers where the children are firmly honed.

This gives a reason for why every nation emphasizes the importance of a family. Moreover, the existence of a broken family and relationships needs proper reconciliation.

The existence of the family law is for the just reconciliation and to ensure the welfare of each individual. Children are usually prioritized in the family law for they are the most vulnerable to difficult situations.

What Is Family Law?

The family law is the field of legal practice that emphasizes family relationships that include child custody, adoption, and divorce.

Lawyers who are specializing in family law can represent their clients in the family court, legal proceedings, and other related negotiations.

Drafting essential legal documents is also part of the responsibilities of family lawyers. These legal documents such as court petitions and property agreements also relate to family law.

Certain situations need family lawyers, if you are new to this field then let us discuss the common reasons why people hire family lawyers.

The Common Reasons Why Clients Hire A Family Lawyer

Lawyers are encouraged to have a specific specialization. Each of these specializations has specific responsibilities and scope of the law to follow.

Some lawyers want to specialize in family legal concerns and if you are also one of those lawyers, then you need to understand the primary roles and obligations.

In this part, we will understand the common reasons why clients hire a family lawyer.

  • Adoption and Foster Care

Have you ever considered adopting a child or fostering a child? If so, then you will need a family lawyer to pursue your decision.

Adoption is considered to be a complex process that also varies according to the specific situation of the adoption. Some of the important matters to consider is on where the child is residing and the state law that covers the child’s protection.

If you are also considering adopting a child which is from a different country which you are living, then this can be more complicated since different laws govern.

  • Child Custody and Child Support

Settlement agreements and court orders for both support and custody are included for larger divorce cases. Children need to be fully protected from their vulnerability.

Every state wants children to grow, learn, survive and develop their potential. Thus, the children's custody is also a great concern in every family and for a parent who decides to separate.

  • Divorce

Some countries have not yet legalized divorce. However, most of the countries in the world already have an existing implementation for divorce.

Every individual needs to have a lawyer to help in having a settlement plan. Most of the family lawyers who specialize in divorce are skilled in dividing all possible responsibilities and assets.

It may include calculating the possible spousal support, dividing marital property, child custody proposal, support, and visitation.

The proposal for the settlement plan depends upon the situation of the family and the couple who are longing for the grant of divorce.

  • Paternity

In most cases, there are paternity cases that are being filed by the mother to be able to secure child support payments due to the absent father. However, the biological fathers usually file for paternity to gain a relationship with the child.

There are also some cases that paternity determination is being fulfilled through DNA testing.

The presented four common reasons to hire a family lawyer are just a representation of the common issues and concerns that are encountered in the field of family law.

Other cases are still governed with relational concerns that work for the context of families and parents.

As we consider the work of family lawyers, it is important for us to also deal with the context of family law firms to understand how it operates and its primary function.

How essential are family law firms?

A family law firm operates collectively as a business entity for one or more lawyers that specialize in family law.

The area of family law deals with the details of a family which includes marriage, children, responsibilities, financial support, and other sustaining factors.

Family law can help us point out the reason why we have family law firms that specializes in this field. Family together with the bounds of family law is a fundamental aspect in every society. 

According to studies, children that came from broken homes have a higher risk of experiencing the incidence of drug usage, depression, and broken marriages for their own family.

Children are the next generation. The children’s rights and protection must be prioritized for the lack of support and proper upbringing can lead them astray.

The rights of each party also need to be ensured even as they divorce. For it is essential to protect the well-being of every individual.

If you are looking for a law firm to work on your family-related dispute, then you first need to understand how family law firms operate.

There are a lot of law firms that can offer you specialized law services. However, you need to know that not all law firms are fully equipped with highly competent family lawyers.

Many available online sources and experts can help you in reaching out to the best family lawyer.

On the other hand, if you are a family lawyer or you belong to a family law firm, you need to know the right way on how you will be able to market your law firm.

The Effective Ways to Market Your Family Law Firm

As we further answer the question of how to market your family law firm, we need to consider one of the most powerful marketing channels which is the internet.

In the 2018 study of Status Lab, 90% of the online searches are from the people who are seeking products and services.

These people have not yet made up their minds. Thus, these individuals have opted to search online.

Online marketing is essential but in this article, we will also discuss traditional ways. Since online marketing also needs to be accompanied in a real-life setting.

As you dominate marketing, you can have the following as your guide. Let us now understand the ways on how to market your family law firm.

1. Establish Purposeful Relationship with Clients

What if you reach the peak of your financial success? Are you going to end your business if it happens?

Studies have shown that businesses are more likely to succeed with the installation of vision, mission, and goals.

Businesses that are purpose-driven are recorded to succeed more than those that are money-driven businesses.

In this, the primary purpose of your business is to establish a relationship not just for the success of all lawyers and staff.

Having a vision, mission, and goals will make a business last especially if it exists for the reason of helping many people with the offered services.

You can start drafting through finding the purpose of your business.

As you have this purpose, have it as the priority of your business and this will help you to become detail-oriented in doing your business.

2. Build Your Website

There are a lot of ways for you to publish your online content or interact with your clients. Moreover, one of the most effective ways is through creating your own website.

This will help you to stand individually in publishing your content that adds value and credibility to your business.

You can pair your website with social media dominance such as being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Moreover, as you have your website, you also need to have content and to make your website valuable and pleasant.

3. Consistently Publish Quality Content Online

Client behavior is continually changing as time goes by. There are also current changes in the way of spending and purchasing of clients.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of the business that provides products and services to other businesses (B2B), use content marketing to reach customers.

This also goes the same for businesses that direct to clients or customers (B2C) where content marketing is a key strategy.

The frequency of internet usage for adults also reveals the great potential of reaching out online.

In Pew Research, 26% of US adults are always using the internet. Let us remember that most of the clients of lawyers are adults.

77% of these adults were also recorded to be online daily. The frequency of being online for them is between once or several timers per day.

There are a lot of ways for you to publish your content online. Moreover, there are essential factors for you to consider.

  • Know Your Target Audience

You need to clearly set out your business through determining your audience which will also help you know your target online audience for your content.

The content that you publish must coincide with the target audience that you have for your business.

  • Figure Out the Best Content Types for Your Law Firms

In building your business you are also creating your brand. The business brand is your trademark that stands out your distinction among others.

Aside from the logo, business color, or business name, you need to specifically know how you want to be marked as a business.

Here are the types of content that you can take advantage of the content marketing of your business:

  • Blogging

  • Infographics

  • Video

  • Template and Checklist Download

  • Long-form Content

  • Case studies

This will help you as you create your daily postings. You need to organize and clearly plan out your content for it to become more effective.

4. Balanced Online and Personal Connection

Quality services must be a priority for all clients. Some businesses are too focused online and they are already being misled that leads to imbalance.

The polite and proactive dealings that you provide online must also be shown once a client reaches out to your business through visiting your office.

Having a family law firm deals with legal matters. In this, most of the primary causes are being presented or addressed in a personal set-up.

5. Maximize the Emails

Email marketing specializes in the act of sending business or promotional messages which happen to a group of people through the usage of email.

Once you already have your website, you need to understand the value of having the email address of your visitors.

If you have a web developer, you can coordinate to have a plug-in to capture emails from the website visitors. 

There are a lot of ways to capture emails, some experts are capturing emails through creating landing pages where there is a call to actions. (CTA)

Having a clear and effective call to action will help you capture more emails. The captured email addresses can help you to personally relate with your audience.

Upon having email marketing, you can coordinate with many experts in this field where the common content for email marketing comes for the copywriters.

6. Take Advantage of Online Reviews and Feedback

You can add online reviews for your provided services. You can ask for your client’s reviews or feedback on your services.

Having clients that are willing to testify for your excellent services is one of the best marketing strategies that you can have since it is first-hand proof of good service.

There are many ways of maximizing reviews and feedback to boost your marketing strategy for your business.

In doing this, you can effectively make use of your social media and website.

7. Dominate the Social Media

Earlier it was discussed that you can pair your content creation with your social media. In this part, we will further discuss how you can maximize your social media account to earn more.

If you have been observing social media platforms, there are business options and advertisements for you to promote your services, special offers, and have some public exposure.

Many businesses have been maximizing their online dominance to earn more and to reach out to more clients.

In 2017, there were 2.5 billion people who are using social media worldwide. For this year, it was recorded that 3.8 million people are using social media.

This is already more than half of the world's overall population. There are even emerging social media-based businesses.

Here are some of the most used social media platforms according to their category:


  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

Social Networking:

  • Facebook

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

Sharing of Photos:

  • Snapchat

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

Sharing of Videos:

  • Youtube

  • Vimeo

  • Periscope

One of the most important ways to actualize your plans is to create your content. Creation is the most important part of doing online marketing.

Some family law firms hire people to do the content for their business. If you are also planning to outsource for a creative team, you can start now to choose the best content type for your law firm.

8. Demonstrate Excellence and Leadership

As you market your family law firm, you also need to have a great heart to lead. This helps you to excel in the field of family law firms.

You can dominate more in this area as you have a goal in terms of your performance like having Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) for the lawyers of the law firm.

Not all businesses understand the importance of KPIs. This is essential for you since it sets out the business objectives that impact decision making.

The KPIs must be communicated across your business or organization so that each individual will be responsible for their KPIs.

Reaching your goals will also be better through having KPIs since it individually sets out a standard to guide each lawyer or staff.

9. Focus on Building Referrals

Provide the best services for your clients for them to also be able to refer you to their connections. This points out the importance for you to give great emphasis on providing the best client services.

Every individual is created to be relational or to socialize. A referral is a great avenue for you to market your family law firm.

10. Word of Mouth

As you focus on referrals, you also need to understand the power of the word of mouth. There are big clients that are being convinced through word of mouth.

As you deal with cases, the personal experiences of clients with you are essential and this can be carried out as much as your clients would talk with others.

Having a family law firm links to a relational type business which means that talking is not an old-fashioned way. For this is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to market your law firm.

Market Your Family Law Firm Now!

As you use different platforms and ways for your marketing, it can give you statistics especially as you use technology-based platforms on how many people you already have reached and other fundamental data.

You can make use of the data to know your effectiveness in doing online content marketing. Pair your results with the people who come in your business to ask for legal services.

The people you reached online who started as visitors and extended to become a client for your legal services is a mark of conversion.

The more you become effective in online content marketing, the higher your potential converts can possibly exist.

On the other hand, as what was stated in the first part, your marketing strategies should not just be based on online presence but there should be a balance.

The real existence of your business is beyond the corners of your laptop or computer. Your clients deserve the best services from you.

Your family law firm must become a safe place for every client who needs your help. The vision, mission, and goals can contribute as you focus on fulfilling the purpose of your business.

Never hesitate to pursue the ten effective ways on how to market your family law firm. It can be challenging but it is never impossible to do all the provided ways to boost your family law firm. You can start it now!

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